Heartbreak & Off Court Chic

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He's out of Wimbledon, and I am heartbroken. Inconsolable, really. But never mind that. In addition to being one of the greatest tennis players to ever breathe oxygen on this planet, Roger Federer is perhaps the only person on earth who always looks breathtakingly good both before and after a match. Consider this photo. He could set that racquet down and totally go out for mojitos right now and look completely at ease. But then, that's the Federer magic.

Photo courtesy Yahoo Sports

The rest of us are not so blessed. The rest of us walk off of the court with beet red faces and sweaty frizz sticking to out cheeks and little bits of clay court and yellow tennis ball fuzz stuck everywhere from our socks to our underpants. Speaking of underpants, once I had a pair of underpants fall out of my tennis skirt and land in the middle of the court in the middle of a doubles match. I couldn't figure out where they came from, as play ceased and we all stood and stared at the errant underpants on the court; like a bright  white flag of surrender (with little flowers) that I clearly recognised as my own. Tennis skirts all have built-in underpants, so how could mine have just….fallen off!? Turns out, the wayward underthings had been stuck up inside my tennis skirt, which I had hastily grabbed out of the dryer and put directly on my body before running out the door to go play. True story.

Want the look?   Try something designed in the spirit of the game, without having to resort to wearing your sweat-stained actual gear out and about.  Here are some doozys that are sure to please. Underpants not included.

Off Court Looks


  1. OH MY GOD - that is absolutely hysterical. Well, as long as it happens to someone else. Considering the "errant underpants" is something that totally would happen to me, I don't think I would have found it funny (unless I was playing with my 3 closest friends) who would have found it just as hysterical as I would have.
    But back to Federer... yep, he definitely looks like he could head out to Mojitos after the game. And should. With us. Now that would be Federer magic.
    xo ~kim


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