My sister's thrifty boho style

I am hereby declaring the remainder of this week (as well as the coming weekend) International Family Thrifting Week.  As I am sure you are by now well-aware, the women in my family are dedicated, swift, and lethal thrift shoppers. We float llike butterflies and sting like bees wherever there is a well-made vintage garment to be found. To kick off International Family Thrifting Week, I present to you my sister, Laura.

Laura is a freelance writer, and as such, gets to wear pretty much whatever the hell she wants most of the time. The result of this is a truly unique, carefully-cultivated wardrobe of approximately 98% thrifted items that really solidifies her unique, modern-bohemian style...although technically,  I'm taking credit for the skirt she is wearing. It's a Trina Turk skirt that I purchased secondhand on Ebay, intending it for myself. Despite my best efforts, including recently hauling the darn thing all the way to Glasgow to get it taken in, it just never worked on me. It worked instantly on her. I guess sometimes you just have to know when to surrender.

The stuff

All clothing thrifted
Lapis pendant (her own)


  1. Your family has so much beauty and style, they'd look great in potato sacks. It really doesn't matter what you all wear. It works!

    1. Just what I was thinking - you guys got some great genes!

  2. I love your bag. What a great addition for a summer outfit.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Kate Spade and Leopard'. I would love to read what you think of my latest shopping spree.



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