Street Style: Seeing Red

Red is huge on the streets of Glasgow right now.  All conceivable shades are represented from Rihanna red to copper,  neon pink to aubergine. Age is irrelevant, as women of all ages appear to be taking part in the trend.  Thoughts? 


  1. It's funny, when we were visiting Edinburgh, I had at least three Scottish folks come up and ask me directions. I wonder if the red hair had anything to do with it...?

    One sees a bit of the Red red hair on younger women here in LA. Or streaks. One blonde young friend of mine dyes hers red with Kool Aid! (Guess it washes out after a while, and doesn't damage the hair.)

  2. Not my cup of tea... I prefer natural hair colours at any age.

    Lady of Style

  3. Why now? Have they been couped up all winter?

    1. It's Scotland....we are ALL cooped-up most of the winter. And a good chunk of the other seasons too :)


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