The Free Shopping Shortlist

As you may remember, I recently recieved a Topshop voucher for £100 from the good people at Today I'm Wearing after being selected as their Style Star of the Week (insert sound of one's own horn tooting here). Well, this is it. I have the voucher in hand, and I am heading to Glasgow for a few nights with Himself to engage in some R&R and some free shopping. Which will undoubtedly lead to some not-free shopping, but never mind that. Here are some of my internet picks from the Topshop website.

Thank you Today I'm Wearing, and stay tuned for the final cut!


  1. That sunset-esque dress has great colors but I will be interested to know how it actually fits when it is on you. I am also loving that brown purse for a knockabout everyday bag. It looks chic!


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