What's In Your Handbag?

"A woman's handbag is a mysterious dungeon. It's the key to her real self; the prosaic answer to many poetic conceptions."          
                                              -- Anita Daniel for the New York Times, 1945

If, as they say, the eyes are the window to the soul, then the handbag is surely the sliding-glass patio door to the psyche.  A person gets a little slice of information about a woman by the bits and bobs that she keeps in her handbag. However, calling it a "dungeon" as Ms. Daniel did back in 1945 seems a bit over-the-top (apparently sensationalism sold papers back then as well), though it's not altogether inaccurate.  I do think that generally, there is a bit of an urban myth surrounding the mysterious powers of the contents of a woman's handbag; the black hole where a woman stores her deepest, darkest secrets. Think about how anxious the males of the species get when asked to retrieve something out of a woman's handbag. The anxiety level immediately spikes, so afraid are they to breech the sanctuary of the handbag. It is as if they fear that they will reach inside, hear a snap, and find themselves with a bear trap clamped to their hands, or perhaps just have a look inside and simply melt away, à la Raiders of the Lost Arc.

But the year is now 2013,  not 1945,  and we gals are free to carry-around as much stuff that we might want or need (or think we need) without having to care about the implications.  That's why when the people at MoneySupermarket.com invited me to enter the What's In your Handbag competition, I didn't think twice about tallying-up the contents of my bag for public consumption.

So...what's in my handbag?

2. MIA snake-print ballet flats ($58.65)  £37.70
3. Vintage Gucci Wallet £50
4. Saxohone reeds for E flat alto saxophone £26.99
5.  Colgate toothbrush with soft head £3.56
6. Tommy Hilfiger reading glasses £75 
7. The Body Shop mineral blotting papers £5
8. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in pale pink £26
9 Tarte Lip Surgence Lip Luster ($24) £15.45
10. Small hairbrush £4.49
11. Vogue magazine (US Edition) ($5.99) £3.85
12. Elle magazine (UK Edition) £4.00
13. iPad  £296 
14. iPhone  £500 
15. Bottled water £ .49
16.  Avene Thermale Spring Water atomiser £7.45


Grand Total:  £1,184.28

Wow. That's a lot of gear. And this is just an average day. 


  1. Wow, you carry a lot of stuff around with you, girl! Are you bracing for war? ;-)

    Spashionista (Alicia)

    1. Always. One can never be too careful.....no, I still had my bag packed from a two-day trip I had just returned from, so I went with it.

  2. I wonder if you pack your handbag with flats like me - where the flats are used on longer walks between work and mode of transportation - to protect expensive/chic heel soles?


    1. Sometimes. Generally I pack flats for being places like NY where I'm walking or using the subway on my way somewhere where I want to wear heels but would look ridiculous in them in transit. Unfortunately, I wear horrible clogs at work. I'm a nurse practitioner,.


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