A Totey Wee Bag and The Cheaps

In Scotland, when something is "totey" and "wee", it is cute, small, and delicate. Nothing pictured above is either totey or wee, but by definition, I suppose the bag is a tote, and therefore… totey? Anyway.  This is my tennis bag. Cute, non? It is made by Jetpac, who make all manners of cute tennis bags with a kind of a tote look to them so you don't have to haul a big huge thing around with you. This bag is called the small sling. It comfortably holds 2 racquets and light gear (read: anything that's not shoes).

Why am I telling you this? Because I was considering my racquet bag today, and came to the realisation that it is probably one of the few cute sporting accessories or garments that I have ever splurged on. As much as I love clothes (and you know I do), I seem to get an attack of The Cheaps every time I need to buy new sports clothes or accessories. My old tennis sneakers were waaaaaay past their expiry date when I recently replaced them, I buy insoles to try to get more mileage out of running shoes, my sports bras are so old they actually are simultaneously disintegrating and walking away of their own accord, and I have a pair of exercise shorts that I bought at Target in or around 1995 that are still in my rotation. Perhaps it is my Wisconsin pragmatism that won't let me spend too much money or effort on something that I am going to sweat in…who knows?

I'm going to start making more of an effort. Here is my running start at improving my sartorial sporting game.

Sporting Wishlist

Make it Happen


  1. Wild bag.

    I'm like you. I hate to spend on workout gear.

    I fear I will need to breakdown and do it soon though. Even though they are made out of plastic they aren't meant to be kept more than 10 years I think. At least that is what my nose is telling me.


  2. Nice read! I like the suggestions.


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