An Imperfect Print Mix

Sometimes, you're just in a hurry. I know that they say that you're not supposed to take blog photos when you're in a hurry, instead focusing on creating professional-quality masterpieces so beautiful that they would make Mario Testino slit his wrists in a fit of jealousy, but then, this is not that kind of blog. Seeing as though I get to make the rules, this is a blog where imperfection (if not outright calamity) is not only allowed, it is openly encouraged. This is a blog where you don't always brush your hair or put on makeup for a photo simply because you are too lazy. This is a blog where sometimes you stayed on the tennis court a bit longer than you thought you were going to because the second set ran long, and you had to rush home and get dressed in a hurry because it looks like rain, and you may or may not have showered.  It's an imperfect world.

And what better way to celebrate our imperfections than with a little subtle summer print mixing? (Sorry everyone….sorry……cheesiest segue ever.) Print mixing with pastels somehow takes on a different, less aggressive vibe than when using black and white or strong colour prints. Sure, I suppose the same rules apply,  but somehow it just seems a little more lighthearted when you are using summer pastels.  Maybe it's because you have to get right up close to see what's going on.

The Stuff

Lilly Pulitzer Blouse (old), here's a cute Tommy Hilfiger checked blouse.
Tommy Hilfiger shorts (old), similar
Dune sandals (past season), very similar
and yes, those are tennis sock lines around my ankles
Honora freshwater pearl bracelet, similar


  1. Hi! I found your blog through Bella's Into the Violet blog and asked about the woman in one of the photos with the fabulous gray hair and boots! Bella sent me your way and I'm glad she did! I blogged over at, but am now moving on from that (explained on my final post). But I love your thrifty, classic style and LOVE seeing someone gray naturally like myself. I'm 46 and haven't colored my hair since a brief and horrible experiment when my, now 22 year old twins, were about 6 months old. I just think the gray hair is striking! Anyway, I'll be checking in later, but did want to drop by and say hello! All the best! Serene

    1. Hello Serene, and welcome to the blog! A thanks to the great and powerful Bella for sending you my way. Always a pleasure to meet other silver sisters!

  2. Great mix. Those pieces look like they were meant to be worn together. Heck, my outfit photos are ALWAYS taken in a hurry...either on the way to work (and running late) or in between dog walkers on the sidewalk, or trying not to lose my light...

  3. Imperfect...I'm perfect! Two of my favourite colours modeled by a strong, beautiful, real person. You look fabulous!

  4. Perfection is boring, and in blogland often manufactured. Much better to keep it real so this is my kind of blog! Love the paisley shorts - you have such fantastic legs!!


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