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If you've been following for a while, you'll know that I love jewellery. In particular, I have a deep love of unique jewellery that has been inspired by all manners of organic stuff; from animals to primordial ooze, I can't get enough.  That's why when Anibha from contacted me last week to see if I would be interested in working with them, I literally lunged right out of my Manolos at the chance. If you are unfamiliar with Boticca, the time to get acquainted is nigh.

An online boutique showcasing jewellery and accessories from emerging independent designers, Boticca has unique pieces to suit every taste; from big to bitty, statement to understated. The designers are chosen from all around the world, and the online marketplace is edited by a team of hand-picked designers, editors, bloggers, and collectors. Not only do they offer-up some astonishingly beautiful pieces at even more astonishingly affordable prices, you also get to know a little bit about the designers, their inspirations, and the mediums with which they work. Their summer sale is underway right now until the 28th, and starting this friday the 26th, they will be offering free worldwide shipping that will last until the 31st!

But wait, there's more! (I've always wanted to have a reason to write that line) Frequenters of Highland Fashionista can enter the code HIGHLAND15 to receive a discount on anything purchased. I know, right!? Here is a small sampling of my Boticca shortlist.

One of my very favourite designers on Boticca,  Tessa Metcalfe's pieces effortlessly bridge the gap between Edgar Allan Poe grade creepiness and outright ethereal beauty. Her background in taxidermy, yes you heard me right, taxidermy, is evident in the detailing, as is her affinity for myths and legends. She achieves a perfect balance between the cringe-worthy and the sublime. But don't take it from me. You can read her complete profile here

A Bermuda native, De Anna Kiernan came to London to study architecture. But then, looking at the bold, sweeping lines and streamlined curves of her designs, you probably wouldn't need to be told that. She lists her inspirations as the clean lines of modernist architecture and the elegance of the female form, and manages to frame both of these inspirations beautifully in pieces that are sleek, minimalistic, and edgy. Click here to read more about De Anna Kiernan Jewellery

Lubochka is the brainchild of Russian born Olga Dubovik, who is now living and designing in Barcelona, Spain.  Her inspiration comes from the traditions of her native Siberia, and her leather bags are crafted using artisanal techniques in a small workshop. Bold colours, clean lines, tassels….I am so getting one of these. You can read the designer's full profile here. 

Elizabeth Bloom,  the British-born designer behind Chicago based Dorus Mhor,  finds her inspiration in colourful tweed fabrics, like the ones she remembers from a famous tweed mill in her hometown of Cumbria, England. She has perfected a technique of adhering fabrics to wooden beads, creating tactile gems. Her vintage silk Liberty Print pieces are colourful, feminine, and utterly unique. Read more about Dorus Mhor here.  

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  1. I'll say Doris has perfected fabric application! Those beads are fantastic. It's risky, but I'm going to click on her name. Maybe I should hide my credit card first! Fascinating about Tessa having studied taxidermy.


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