I didn't want to do the obvious and wear this Jones New York tunic that I found at TJ Maxx with a pair of white pants. Although I will wear it like that…don't get me wrong…. I just thought it might be fun to do something different with it. These lace print trousers sort of pick-up the motif in the embroidery and give it a bit more edge.

And then there is the green. Green always looks fresh, and just a little bit unexpected. When asked what my signature colour is, I usually answer this very difficult question with green.  Historically, green has been associated with restfulness, healing, and all manners of organic everything, depending on who you ask.  But perhaps the real reason I am attracted to it is simply the fact that I am surrounded by it.

The Stuff

H&M pants (old), similar


  1. The moment I laid eyes on these pants, I got them, but never thought of styling it with bright colours. I love how you teamed it with the bright Green, very energetic and lovely outfit!

  2. That green top is lovely and those pants are wonderful. Love this.

  3. I lunged at the screen when I saw those pants. Love.

  4. Very well done. This is a great look!

  5. I have those H&M pants. I never thought of teaming them with green. I will try it out. Well done!


  6. I haven't wanted any printed trousers till I saw these!


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