Not Your Rainy Day Dress

The rain has once again chased me inside, forcing me to show you my latest Ebay find in a less than optimal photographic setting. This silk Ralph Lauren dress fit like a glove right from the start, which is always a plus when you buy a dress having only seen it on the internet. I took an inch and a half off of the hem (well, the alterations guy did) so that it fell just above the knee, but other than that, no other changes necessary. I imagine that this dress is circa 1990-something based on the design, but I find it fits like a classic, and it is definitely well-made. Silk fabric (as well as a silk overlay and tie that makes up the halter bit), fully-lined, and super comfy, this one is a definite score.  Oh, and that's my tomato plant. If you listen closely, you can hear it whispering…feeeeeeed meeeeee...

The Stuff

Ralph Lauren dress via Ebay
Old Navy bangle (old), similar
HSN gold-plated byzantine coin  ring (old), similar


  1. You look smashing! Gorgeous dress, and the gold shoes are perfect with it. Great haircut too.

  2. Finding a silk dress like this is a huge score.

    Let's talk about those shoes...are they thrifted??? LOVE!


    1. Oh GOLLY, I forgot to credit the shoes! these are Enzo Angiolini shoes I got at Marshalls back when I was in graduate school in upstate NY. I think I paid like $15 for them. They are super comfy, and I have worn them with EVERYTHING. I got my Master's diploma in these, have danced all night at weddings…they've been AROUND.

  3. Great looking dress! And your legs are fabulous darling.

  4. Love the bold print here. Pretty much anything Ralph Lauren I'm down with....particularly if it's 90's. What an awesome ebay find!!

  5. Wow, this is such a pretty dress.

  6. You just have such a great figure. Have you ever shared your workout program, whatever it is, here?

    1. I haven't, but there is not really that much to tell. I do something (a lot of varying things to keep the routine mixed-up) nearly every day; runningh, tennis, ballet-based barre classes for flexibility and strength... I have thought about a post in the past but thought maybe it would be boring for people to hear yet another "eat right and exercise" mantra. I am also vegan (with the exception of the odd piece of fish when travelling and there is just no other option), so I suppose that helps as well.

  7. Beautiful dress, Kristin! Perfect fit, right length with your amazing legs and timeless summer prints.
    I just recently checked Ralph Lauren dresses and they had nice ones on sale as usually they are well above my budget.

    My tomatoes look exactly the same ;-)

    Annette | Lady of Style

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  9. Perfect dress and those shoes are insane GORGEOUS, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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