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I saw this printed peacoat-style spring trench in Goodwill when I was home in the US, and was drawn to it. This is not the sort of thing that I normally would go for, but I think something about the large scale of the print made it seem more graphic and less garden party fussy to me. Of course like everything else, it's all down to what you do with it. I think a hyper-girly floral piece like this needs a bit of balance. Hence the tough booties and mildly distressed jeans.  Any more than that and I fear I would risk looking like some crazy old bird with thirteen cats. I have one, for the record. Just one cat.

And yes, on this, the first week of July, while the rest of you are sweltering away in the summer heat, I am wearing a jacket, jeans, booties, and a cashmere mock turtleneck. Okay, it may be a sleeveless mock turtleneck, but it's really not even warm enough for that. We have not seen the temperatures get above 60 (it's 52 now…thats 11 degrees Celsius) in weeks. It's depressing as hell. Those plants you see in the photo are gasping for some warmth, as are the people who planted them.

The Stuff

Thrifted Jacket
Sleeveless cashmere mock turtleneck (Dana Buchman via Ebay: circa 1990s) 
Kelsi Dagger shoes (old), similar

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  1. Like that color awesome outfit. Like the shoes too!


  2. Yes, the coat is marvelous and I think you've made a perfect look with it. Sorry for the cold. We are melting here and I'd love to need a sweater, but I do feel for your chill. Thanks for sharing your fab outfit with Visible Monday!

  3. I would say, you found a treasure, that is one great jacket! Love how you paired it with your jeans. I'm still hoping you get some warm weather.

  4. I love that jacket. And I'm not a florals person. Hope you all get some actual summer soon.

  5. That is such a nice printed jacket! So lovely with the jeans :) I hope it warms up for you soon! It's warmer than that here, and it's winter!

    Away From The Blue

  6. Gorgeous jacket! The jacket you can not combine too many outfits, but this outfit fits it perfectly. You hit my taste perfectly. The shoes are super nice.

    Dana, Germany

  7. This year temperatures here in the alpine region of Bavaria are around 20C max and that's the highest we've had in weeks (or months I should say), cooler in the mornings of course. Pretty depressing...

    I have lots of coats and jackets in beige and black and promised myself a colourful, printed coat this autumn. Yours is gorgeous and hopefully keeps your mood up :-)

    Lady of Style

  8. That coat is fabulous! And I love how you styled it with those shoes...toughens it up just the right amount.
    Debbie :)

  9. Yup ... very good choice and buy, especially since you're wearing it to keep warm! I'll send you some heat if you'll send me some rain. My pasture is drying up faster than I'd like! You look lovely, if a little annoyed at the weather!

  10. This is totally the thing I would normally go for! I love it so much. We can't fight mother nature, and when you live in a rainy climate, a cheery coat like this is just the ticket.

    Sue xo


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