The Return of the Whale

Those of you who have been lurking around the blog for a while will remember back at Easter time, when a sperm whale swam into the Sound of Kerrera, which just happens to be right outside of our house.  The ensuing frenzy was something to behold, and like everyone else, I got sucked-up into the frenzy. You may also remember my whale-inspired shopping spree that resulted in its wake.  I have been sitting on this skirt for a while (literally), as it has been too cold to really showcase it until just recently. But the time is nigh. Behold, the J. Crew whale skirt, purchased new on Ebay for $10. I know, right?!

Clearly a nod to the American prep roots of the J Crew brand, this skirt is fun. I am drawn to these prep pieces, not because I want to display my belonging to some socioeconomic tribe, but because they are colourful and fun. As I get older, I grow weary of all the dark and gloomy clothes out there that just take themselves so gosh darn seriously. Plus, this skirt has animals on it.  As you know, I'm big into that. Goodness knows it is a slippery slope. When I start appearing on the blog in a sweatsuit with a big cat printed on it in sequins, that is a cry for help, and perhaps someone might please intervene...

The Stuff

Skirt and shirt, both J. Crew (old)
Belt H&M (old), similar
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  1. Such a cool outfit. Love that skirt.

  2. Love the whales! You look great, and we will not let you get the cat sweater nor the christmas tree either. Unless of course you want to : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. Ha ha...I beat you to it. Although it is a tiger and not a house-cat on my shirt. That doesn't count right?

    I love the chambray with this. Very preppy.


  4. Perfect casual- chic look.
    I love, love the whale print and your matching nail polish.

  5. Cute outfit for Summer. That is the perfect denim shirt. That's my next purchase - a denim shirt. :)

  6. Oh, such a fun post! I agree with your comments about branding...there are some clothing brands that just say, I belong to this club, and I'm kind of not into that. But, I adore colour, and just as you say, said brands give us colour, and whimsy, and often a light-hearted approach, and I love that.

    Sue xo

  7. LOL! I'm SO with you... I'm not only getting bolder and brighter (I also talked about this in my last post :)) I'm getting preppier. I thought it was my daughter, but maybe it is just the style is brighter. Hmm, fashion for thought!
    Love that skirt... takes me back to high school.
    xo ~kim & chloe

  8. A whale of a deal, absolutely. (I'm shocked that no one else said it, but someone had to.)
    Delightful, and you look completely happy in it. That's the best accessory ... that smile! So glad your weather warmed up so you could get to wear it.
    Happy week, kid!


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