Vacation Workhorse No. 1

I know I've talked about this before, but there are certain pieces that I'm sure all of us have in our closets that we haul out year after year for whatever purpose they are intended. For me, living in Scotland, I tend to use the same pieces year after year when I go on vacation to a warm climate. Not only do I not have to think about what I am packing for more than about ten minutes, but I also can allow myself the occasional high-end splurge on something from a resort collection, as I know I will use it until it dies. That is my rule for everything shopping, really. If something comes in, something must go out, if it hasn't already died of natural causes.

This is a Michael Kors linen tunic dress that I got off of Ebay (yes, again) about two or three years ago. It is oversized, arguably too big, but when you are in a hot place it is fantastic. The beading on the chest raises its game a bit, so that you can wear it to dinner with some dressy shoes and jewellery. This thing has seen more trips than I care to remember. And the shoes…. I have had these shoes for a zillion years. Okay, maybe three or four, and I think they may be showing their age, but they are the most comfortable heeled sandals ever.  I walked around Milan in these shoes for three straight days, all day, and never felt a twinge.  They get worn all. The. Time. This stuff is Old Faithful. Exactly what you want in a suitcase.

The Stuff

Michael Kors linen dress via Ebay (old)
Aerosoles heeled sandals (old), similar pair from comfy brand Sofft
Belt gifted from my sister


  1. This is a perfect vacation look, Kristin - I can see why it's a favorite and worth keeping forever. I think the sandals are terrific - I need them for NYC! Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday.

  2. Fresh and clean -- a great look on you.

  3. Love it! Michael Kors never goes out of style and tunics are the absolute best - just pulling one on makes you feel like you are on vacation! This one is adorable and what a steal :) It's a great look at a great price - lucky you!!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  4. Great summer item and well worth keeping on to. Love how you wore it belted and dressed up a bit. It would make a perfect beach cover up and fun over skinny denim or leggins.

  5. Glad to see you soaking up the sun! Looking fab and loving your legs!

  6. Love the tunic. It looks great on you. Tunics are definitely a must have in the closet. They can be worn any season.

  7. Little dresses like this can often fall flat without the very cool styling you apply! Belt, shoes ... brilliant with it. (I just stole a belt like this from my huz ... he doesn't know it yet!)
    Hope your summer is going just how you wish it to!

  8. Loving you in white! Beautiful details on the dress and cute comfortable shoes.

    blue hue wonderland

  9. Your legs are awesome. Like really awesome.


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