Well It's About Time

The sun has finally come out here in the west of Scotland, and we are so relieved you can probably hear our collective sigh of relief from the next galaxy. You can see those flowers in the background reaching desperately towards the light, as if they have been held captive down a well for the past month. And I suppose they kind of have.  It's so beautiful and light outside it's almost too bright to shoot photos. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Definitely. Not. Complaining. 

I found this dress at TK Maxx for £20 in Glasgow. It's by Calvin Klein, and it is all one piece. Drapey, easy to wear, it works best with flat sandals to keep it on the casual side and summery.  This is the kind of get-dressed-in-two-mintes-or-less kind of a thing that I am so fond of .  It's navy, which goes with everything (the sun is making it look lighter…don't be fooled), and it has that modern minimalist Calvin Klein thing going on that is such a hallmark of the brand. And did I mention it was £20? 

The Stuff

Calvin Klein dress, similar
Sandals gifted, similar


  1. That's a lovely dress - and hooray for the sunshine!

  2. Lovely draped dress, I bet it is very comfortable and easy to wear yet it looks so stylish!

    Still waiting for sunshine here in the mountains...

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. Great dress! I've got a cotton jersey dress with a drapey front that looks similar (but longer - my legs are nowhere near your standard!).

    And hoorah for the sun! I'm soaking up as much vitamin D as I can in preperation for winter. (We do get to store it up, right?).

  4. This dress looks so great on you! The color and design is attractive plus the silver shoes are just lovely.

    Fun to hear you lived in St .Paul. I live near como park and my old studio was University and 280. We often shop at Hampton Park Coop, I betting you did too?!

    Blue hue wonderland


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