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Greetings, and a happy Saturday to you all.  As some of you may already know, this is not the only dark corner of the internet in which I lurk. I do quite a lot of freelance work as well. One of my clients is a luxury estate rental group in the UK called Elysian Estates.  If you are in the market (or even if you're not for that matter) for a high-end holiday rental house in the UK, check them out. Seriously. The properties that they provide are bananas. So. Beautiful.

Elysian also runs a little blog associated with the website that features all sorts of interesting (I hope) stories that centre around the luxury goods and services market. I love this gig, as I get to explore my interests in all things luxurious with reckless abandon. 

I thought one of this week's entries would be interesting to you as well. 

Don't Forget Your Ferragamos: 35 Years of the Vara Pump



  1. I think they way they are marketing these just now is genius but to me they will always be my mother's /grandmother's shoes, I don't want to look down and see them on my feet till I'm 90!

  2. I'm with B&P, sort of. I think they're beautiful shoes, I love some of the customized versions I've seen, and I think younger women can wear them in a quirky or ironic way. But at my age, and with my style, they read like something borrowed from my grandmother.

  3. I love them, but at my age, only with skinny or BF jeans - not with dresses or skirts.

  4. Agree, in my age they would probably not work with dresses (unless maybe in a bright trendy colour) but they are gorgeous with capris or cropped jeans and skinny trousers.

    Lady of Style

  5. I would wear them with dresses and skirts. They are elegant, refined and perfect. I need a pair so I can show you how they are not granny at all, even on a 50 year old. :-)


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