Heat Thrifting

Sure, I was disappointed when the tennis pro called and cancelled my outdoor lesson, but actually in doing so, he probably saved my life. See this map? I am home in the U.S. for a visit right now, just on the cusp of one of those pink-colored, 100-degree bits of map. Yup. Massive heat wave, with a stiff humidity chaser. All claims I have made about not getting a real summer have now been rendered nil and void. I am getting a one-off, concentrated dose of a proper, oxygen-depleting, American late summer heat wave, and it is impressive.

During the hottest part of the day, we moved indoors to the air-conditioned bliss of one of our favorite local thrift shops.  The thrift spoils are always good in my hometown, and today did not disappoint. To mark the occasion, I wore my newly acquired J. Crew madras halter dress that I found on Ebay for $10.

Of the many treasures we found, this vintge 90's Dooney & Bourke leather duffel is one of my favourites. In pristine condition, this bag jumped out at me almost immediately. Oh, and it was twenty four dollars.  I know, right!?

The Stuff
J. Crew Madras plaid halter dress (via Ebay), similar
Dooney and Bourke leather duffel (thrifted), current version here


  1. It's stupidly hot here, too. AC is a must in Nashville and it's getting a workout this week. You appear to have sparked the heat wave with your visit because it's been pretty temperate until now. I'm crazy about the Madras dress and the bag is a major score! Thrift on ;-)


  2. Hi there! Gorgeous gorgeous dress and the bag is a real 'wow' find, you look lovely!

  3. At first, I thought is was steamy hot in the Highlands, and I headed for the Weather channel to get the story : > You look fabulous in your cotton halter.

  4. It is lovely to find a treasure in a thrift shop. They should be called: thrill shops, LOl
    Looking marvellous in that dress.


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