Makeup For The 40-Something Hinterland And Beyond

There is certainly no shortage of makeup tips for women of a certain age on the internet. Everywhere you look, there are tutorials about how to make mature skin look glowy, dewy, rosy, tighter, younger, more reflective, yada, yada, yada. Yes, this is all well and good, but like many of you, I find myself in a sort of cosmetic hinterland, buffeting about à la Dante's Inferno somewhere between the circles of Mature and It Girl. You'll notice I have not used the term "middle-aged" here. I feel that "middle-aged" gets used as an epithet too much in modern dialogue, and hardly seems relevant to the modern forty-something.  So I'm not going to go there. Nope.

If like me, you feel like you are in the Makeup Hinterland and are not yet feel ready for the heavier cosmetic formulations they market to those with "mature" skin,  all is not lost. It is still possible to present a natural look that is quick and low-fuss, while still paying attention to the needs of your forty-plus skin. In my quest for answers, I looked once again to makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's online tutorials, and found exactly what I was looking for. The best part?  This, as with so many of her tutorials, is a look that is really easy to do,  can accommodate the products you already have on hand that you know work for you,  and doesn't look too "done" in natural light. It's just a bit of s boost. Nothing more. Behold.

Okay…My Turn…..

The Stuff: Counter-Clockwise From Upper Right Corner

Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten(lower right hand corner)

not pictured…


  1. Lovely results! So natural and pretty I shall attempt to copy from my own MU stash : >

  2. I love Lisa and you've done a beautiful job of translating her looks. I wrote a blog about women of a certain age and make-up. You might ejoy it. Could not find an address to send this to you privately.

  3. Very natural look. I like it a lot. I find Lisa Eldridge videos very good. Off to do my make up.

  4. Great look! Subtle but polished and pretty.


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