My Mom: Hunter of Bags

If you've been around the blog a while, you'll know that the women of my family are simply unstoppable forces of nature when it comes to thrift and consignment shopping. You will also likely be familiar with my mother, who takes this natural talent we all possess and turns the volume up to 11, making it nearly impossible for her to leave a thrift store without having unearthed something truly fantastic. She has a way of being able to sniff-out a quality secondhand handbag from a distance of no less than 30 kilometres, and some of her recent acquisitions from local thrift and consignment stores have left me absolutely dumbfounded.  She has been kind enough to agree to rub all of our faces in it by doing a pictorial guest post featuring some of her recent spoils.


  1. She is one HOT momma! Easy to see where you get your AMAZING legs!


  2. your mother is 1)beautiful! and 2)a fabulous shopper. Love the boxy Coach purses, esp the red one. you two could be sisters!

  3. Wow, she looks great and is definitely The Handbag Whisperer!!

  4. Your Mom is so stunning - seriously - we both have amazing genes! And she found a CLASSIC Coach at Goodwill. Seriously I am so jealous!


  5. Wow, love those finds. That just under the arm olive bag is to-die-for! And they are all in such great shape. Fantastic finds :) And lucky you if she shares!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  6. Can your mom share her workout routine with us one day? Seriously she just looks amazing!


  7. There was a time when my ex used to gift me with a new Coach bag every year. year after year after year I got a new, bigger and heavier bag. When my ex became my ex, I realized that all those bags were weighing me down and I finally donated of all but one to Goodwill. Good to know they most likely found a good home!

    I've said it before...your Mama is a hottie!

  8. your mom is stunning and has such cute style!

  9. Well hello Mom! Not only has she got great taste in bags but she has exquisite taste in clothes too - love her dresses (especially the orange-red one!) - see where you get your amazing legs from too!


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