Thrift Find: The £1.99 Necklace

I've always been very adamant about not spending a lot on costume jewellery. Sometimes, I am absolutely shocked at what some of the mid-to-high-end fashion websites are charging for something that contains zero precious metal or gemstones, and cannot even claim artesian craftsmanship as a means of jacking-up the price. Not that long ago, I saw what amounts to a string friendship bracelet on a very high-profile website (which I frequent, and so therefore shall not name) for two hundred pounds.  Two. Hundred.  It's not that I have never spent a lot on a piece of jewellery, it's just that I think you have to be smart about it. Splash out on something timeless, like a pair of diamond studs, or a really unique piece that has a great story behind it. Leave the two hundred pound friendship bracelets on the shelf for the next sucker.

Today I found this necklace at a local charity shop, and it ticks a lot of boxes. It has that 60's quasi-tassel with stations look that I love, makes use of some actual materials (agate and quartz I believe), and has an adjustable, ultra-long length that is just what I have been searching for to finish-off several looks I have in my closet. Here I tried to create a relaxed, faux Chanel look with another secondhand find; my J. Crew lavender bouclé tweed jacket.

The Stuff

J. Crew "Bellflower" tweed jacket (via Ebay), similar
Kohls skinny jeans (old)
New Look ballet flats (old), similar
Mother of pearl ring (old), similar


  1. Hi there! Really love your whole look here, the J Crew jacket is a gorgeous cut colour and style and the necklace was indeed a fabulous find-I must start browsing the costume jewellery more whilst on my thrift trips xx

  2. I agree, Kristin, I'd never spend a fortune on costume jewellery. This is a great find indeed and a lovely match with your jacket.

    For lovely and individual pieces I like to recommend amika Schmuck, a German designer with handmade jewellery (I do not get commission!

    Annette | Lady of Style

    1. Thanks Annette! I will indeed look into your recommendation. I am a sucker for jewellery!

  3. love that jacket with those jeans

  4. Great find! Your new necklace looks classically perfect with your tweed jacket.

  5. love that necklace, great find Xo, Megan,

  6. Love it. Finding vintage bling at church sales and thrift shops turned me into a costume jewellery junkie. Now I do spend more on costume bling, but it's always on hard-to-find vintage bling that's collectible. Now that you've found this gem, the same may happen to you! It really is addictive ....

  7. Great find! Bit guilty myself of costume jewellery overspend, but NEVER for a friendship bracelet! Loving the lavender tweed!

  8. Nice thrift find!!

  9. I love that jacket!!! It looks so good on you and how you styled it! I have a boxy jacket and it hasn't satisfied my need for finding the perfect one... maybe I'm holding out for the day I find a Chanel one hidden in a treasure box at a garage sale, haha!!! And I think I'll look at Annette's recommendation for jewelry as well!
    Great finds!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  10. I love costume jewellery but I never spend much on it 'cos I find it usually goes out of fashion, gets worn etc. withing a couple of years. I buy on special and from all sorts of stores i.e. supermarkets, cheap high street stores etc.

    Also, if we're sharing links, my cousin in law is a talented artist who has now gotten into making beads and jewellery. I've got quite a few pieces from her! They're not super cheap, but each one is original and very good quality (also not trendy as such, so won't go out of style). They come quickly and nicely wrapped in little boxes (and she's not paying me for this! :)


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