A Night Shoot With < $20 Looks

Readers, do not try this at home.  It was well into the upper 90 degree range again today here in the midwestern US of A as I continue my visit to the home country.  My sister and I have a ton of thrift spoils we would like to share, but seeing as though her most prized treasure from this round of thrifting is this insulated suede jacket with faux fur trim, we opted for a night shoot in an attempt to not die of heat stroke.  Yes, yes, I know we are supposed to be thinking about fall, and fur is totally in this season, and this jacket fits her like it was made for her.... but it is kind of hard to "think fall" when hours earlier, you looked like this.

But I digress. Behold my sister's beautiful suede coat. Fits like a dream, great neutral colour, in fantastic condition. When she showed it to us in the store, we told her if she didn't purchase it, we would hold her down and force her to do so. Obviously, there was no need.

Yup. $19.99. I know, right?

For my look, I used some thrifted separates. The skirt was deeply discounted because it was originally a pencil skirt with a big stain at the bottom. Being in desperate need of a while above the knee skirt, I had no issue with this, as I intended to lop off some length, which I did, with Mom's help.  The shoes were on sale at Target (Tār-Jée).

The Stuff

My Sister Laura:
 Thrifted Sears suede and faux fur jacket, similar here, and here

 Old Navy thrifted top, similar
Thrifted Talbots white skirt, similar 


  1. Fabulous thrifting, you two! Love the idea of night shoots, well done. And very cool sandals too : >

  2. Great shopping and looks!! A successful thrift trip is so satisfying!

  3. I love well done thrifted looks and the blue top, white skirt and sandals is awesome. You look like a million bucks for under twenty. Awesome.


  4. When you said there was a stain at the bottom, I wasn't thinking at the hem. Nice save!


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