Cafe Latte Simplicity

Today's post was supposed to be my contribution to the venerable Spy Girl's 52 Pick-Me-Up Coffee Clatch Tea Party linkup, but because I live overseas and had a temporary problem with counting, I missed the deadline. Whatever, I decided to post it anyway…give credit where credit is due. In this week's challenge, we were instructed to fill our favourite coffee mugs with our favourite brew, then dress to coordinate.  That is just the sort of off-the-wall thing that appeals to me, and I couldn't resist.

You'll notice I greedily drank all of the coffee. You'll also notice that my mug is pretty boring; a minimalistic white ceramic, standard-issue Ikea-type arrangement. To dress in a cohesive way, it would have been easy to just slap-on all white and be done with it, but I thought that wasn't being true to what the mug really looks like. See how I spilled down the side? That's pretty much what it looks like all the time. I'm kinda messy with the espresso machine, smoothies….pretty much everything I put in there.

I felt that this mug called for a minimalistic look in spilled-latte-like tones. Something like Céline would produce; something that is all smooth, structured shapes and neutral tones. Only in my case, something that does not come with the Céline price tag.  I wanted pieces that were easy, and that you would therefore reach for day after day without even thinking about it. Just like my mug.

The Stuff

Cropped cotton roll-hem sweater (thrifted)
Ralph Lauren wool skirt (via Ebay)


  1. Love these coffee colours, Kristin, either different shades of beige/camel/cream/brown or paired with white or black.
    Your shoes are stunning and I am impressed by the great stuff you get from thrift shops!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. Hi there-great colour styling and I'm loving tan and brown for Autumn this year, your bag and shoes are lovely xxx

  3. Simple and beautiful, Kristin. Love the shoes! And now I feel the need for a cafe latte : >

  4. It's a great look. The shoes somehow just pull it all together, love those ankle straps and pointy toes!

  5. Sooooooooo classy and chic. Fantastic.

  6. This is great! Love how you equated the "go to" simplicity of the mug with what you chose to wear.

  7. As a latte lover, you get an A+! Also, I only drink decaf and this soothing outfit looks very decaf, and I mean that as a compliment. It doesn't have that jolt that hi-tec caffeine would have. AND! I don't think I've ever swooned as I did just now over these shoes! I absolutely love them. Hope you're enjoying the sun.

  8. Inspired use of shoes, bag and bangle to make the outfit special vs. blah.

  9. Those earthy hues are beautiful against your honeyed skin tone my dear. Love that bag!

  10. Nice outfit - I can really see the coffee colours in it. The shoes are particularly nice. :)


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