Camo And Cashmere

If I had stayed in the U.S. Air Force, that's probably what I would have named this blog, even though I'm pretty sure there's probably already one with that name floating around out there somewhere. But you have to admit, Camo and Cashmere has a nice ring to it.  

These trousers were on that sale rack at the Gap; you know, the one in the middle of the store where nearly everything is £20 or under.  I loved them when I tried them on, which is odd considering I used to have to wear BDU's, the battle dress uniform of fatigues, in the exact same pattern. Never mind, there are cuter, and they fit really well, so it was insta-love. When I got to the checkout, I asked the guy to scan them, as all of the otter trousers had a red sale tag, yet these didn't. He sheepishly said that these were still full price, and that it was all of the other camo pants that were on sale, but would I consider buying them for 50% off if I joined the email mailing list? 

Gap... you sleekit wee devils. You know exactly what you are doing. Not only did you get my ex-Air Force arse into a pair of camo trousers, you nearly did so at full price. That never happens. I am seriously considering adding a "hoodwinked" tag to the blog's index, to slot in right alongside "bargains" and "thrifting". 

But awesome pants though. Not sorry. 

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  1. Great idea to give your camos a feminine touch with pink ;-) I'll recommend that to my colleagues as I am surrounded by BDUs all day, sometimes Blues, usually Mondays or for special occasions.
    Lovely ring, I love big rings!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. The pants look super, and I love how you've mixed with a hot pink sweater.

  3. Lovely mix - and I agree, the trousers are worth every cent.

  4. What a great and unusual combo. The pants are great. I also bought my camo pants at Gap. When they fit that well they are worth the $.

    Lovely views too.


  5. The pink is just right with the pants, you look great!

    blue hue wonderland

  6. This color is gorgeous on you! Wear it often...and have a great week!

  7. Hi there!! The sweater is a really gorgeous pop of pink and goes so well with these camos. Lovely scenic pictures too! I really love Gap, you can pick up some really great pieces instore and I love to find things thrifted from them too-the quality is so spot on x

  8. The pink looks so pretty against the masculinity. That background is to LIVE for, so beautiful! xo

  9. I don't think anything would get me into camo - partly because I look dreadful in olive-y colours.

    I do love the stunning backdrop of your photos though - look likes you're getting some nice weather up there!

  10. You look great and the pink is perfect. And the blog name would have been too, but love yours as is!!! Great styling :) Looking at the photos I was thinking I love those pants... and then as I read, I realized, it's because I have them!! And they do fit well, don't they? Or maybe we have the exact same body type, but I was surprised how well they fit since lately no pants fit me and I'm about to be a skirts all the time or tunics all the time kind of person. Neither of which makes me happy. But loving these and hope they keep the style in more color options. Those zippers are the best. Not sure why, but they are.


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