Five Easy Pieces

The blogosphere is all atwitter with talk of the shows and fall transition dressing. As much as those of us who get weak in the knees for fashion would love to purchase a whole new wardrobe at the start of each new season, unless your surname is Rockefeller (the real Rockefeller, not like that guy who fooled everyone out in the Hamptons), purchasing a whole new wardrobe each season is not exactly an attainable strategy.

The good news is, you don't have to completely revamp everything at the start of a new season to give  your wardrobe an infusion of freshness. Sometimes, just a few key pieces are all you need to keep things looking current.  Here are five wardrobe items that I plan on adding to my own cache to keep things lively this fall.


A Modern Sweatshirt


Statement Flats: The Shoe of the Season


The New Coats


The Trapezoidal Tote


Stackable Rings: More is More

Make it Happen


  1. Wonderful picks! I want them all, except I don't need a coat in Florida : > The statement flats are gorgeous and inspire me.

  2. I'm the reigning Queen of the statement flat so I have that covered (although I love some of your choices). I have been looking at some of the modern sweatshirts and hoping I can find one that doesn''t make me look too boxy.


  3. Lovely picks here and I'm loving the statement flats, I could do with a really comfy pair of stylish Leopardprint ones!!

  4. You're much hipper than I am! I did a similar post with much more conservative pieces. l do admire your style and the examples you've picked.

    1. Hipness is a relative and subjective matter. I like some more out there pieces because I wear surgical scrubs every working day. I feel the need to express myself ALL AT ONCE when I am dressing...

  5. Loving your statement flats selection!


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