Guest Post: Styling your Jewellery with Your Eveningwear

When Tariq, who represents a silver jewellery retailer, contacted me and asked to do a guest posting, I was more than happy to have an opportunity to get the male of the species' perspective on all things accessory-related. Here is what he had to say. 

You can get away with a lot when it comes to accessorising your favourite pieces during the day. You can be as quirky as you like; big and bold against your most casual outfits, or perhaps mix and match colour to your heart's content. For eveningwear however, when you want to look your best and most coordinated, you need to think a little bit more.

Outfit Colour
The most basic feature you need to take into account when accessorising is the colour of your outfit. The more striking the colours you wear, the more important it becomes to think about which part of your outfit you want to emphasise most. If you’re wearing a striking colour such as electric blue, do you want large or multiple pieces of jewellery to balance out the colour, or would you prefer simple, small pieces to accent the outfit, making your dress the centre-piece?

You also need to think about whether the colour of your metal jewellery compliments the tones of your outfit. Some general (but not always true!) guidelines are below. Depending on the style of the outfit I believe that black and white can go either way.

Generally gold jewellery suits colours such as:
Orange | Bright Yellow | Brown | Bright Pink | Vibrant Dark Greens | Vibrant Dark Blues | White | Cream | Orange-Based Reds

Generally silver jewellery suits colours such as:
Black | Light & Jewelled Blues | Light Rosy and Jewelled Pinks | Teal and Crisp Greens | Grey | Blue-Based (Blood) Reds | Soft Lemon Yellows | Purples 

Also be aware of the effect of stones on metal jewellery. Silver jewellery comes with a wide variety of inlays, and silver with warm ambers and rubies may suit an outfit normally suited to gold. To bring more colour to a monochrome or neutral outfit, look to the stones in your jewellery pieces. Black dress and warm skin? Silver with red or yellow stones will work. Purple dress with cool skin? Why not try a silver or gold piece with a nice contrasting emerald stone?

Outfit style
You also need to think about how your jewellery fits the style of your outfit. I’m a believer in a set style, so if you decide on pants or leggings stick to chunky pieces of jewellery such as rings and bracelets. Earrings and necklaces are best kept simple; maybe try some statement hoops, big oval studs with enamel inlay or a necklace of silver and polished stones.

Shorts are a grey area for evening jewellery. Either sway to chunky pieces for an edgy look, or go for sleek chains around your neck and wrists and choose some decorative hanging earrings to frame your face.

For women thinking of a dress or skirt you can choose more detailed accessories. How low the neckline is and the cut and length of the skirt can affect your accessory choices.

A bare neck is always a good choice, but if you want to wear a necklace or chain, different styles have very different effects. To draw attention away from a low busted dress chose a necklace with a pendant on a short chain that fits to the neck. Conversely, to emphasise this area (regardless of neckline), go for a long rounded or dangling necklace with stones or dangling details.

Long, fitted, or body-con skirts look best with dangling pieces to put your shape in proportion. Long necklaces, hoops or dangling earrings and loose bracelets are best for this style. An A-line or bell-shape skirt works well with more detailed and creatively crafted pieces. Here you can use less. Maybe a small chain and pendant fitted to the neck or to the décolletage, small creative hanging earrings or studs, and a ring or two does well here. For a very short skirt go for decorative, dangling pieces on the arms and around the neck to give the impression that more skin is covered.

A last word on pattern; If your dress is full of pattern and colour (such as an Aztec or polkadot print) go for heavier, more noticeable and classic cut jewellery. If your pattern is merely a trimming or you go for lace, choose less; these pieces are best smaller and more design-focused.

This post was written by Tariq on behalf of henryka jewellery. 


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