This outfit was sort of built around the blouse, which I recently found on sale at Forever 21 for £10. The blouse is sort of an all in one look with the black and white motif and prim collar, and I feel like I have to resist the urge to just pair it with a white skirt or trousers and call it a day. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just that a shirt like this can read very buttoned-down. I would probably normally wear this with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans to keep myself from looking like Mrs Hughes, the spinster head housekeeper on Downton Abbey, or maybe Winona Ryder circa Mermaids, but you've seen me do this a million times, and I do not wish to bore you to death.

In retrospect, I don't think that having this shirt tucked-in gives my boxy, athletic frame enough of a waistline, and I would probably let it hang loose and flowy (it hangs just to the hip) and put an unexpected pair of chunky, 90's-inspired loafers with it (think Alexander Wang shoes). That would probably modernise it somewhat. But this is what I came up with in the moment. A simple look with a few unexpected textures thrown in for good measure. It would work for the office…if only I worked in an office.

The Stuff

Shoes SM New York (old), similar for a steal


  1. Love the skirt! I'm quite into tweed, but have managed not to have any in my wardrobe. I'm keen in theory on those 'Chanel style' jackets, but in practice they feel a bit too done up to me. I would wear that skirt you've got though...

  2. Love this outfit! I have to admit, I like the buttoned up look. It's the back that is the surprise with the zipper and slit in the closure of the blouse. Charming!

    blue hue wonderland

  3. whoa- the fab back view keeps it from being anything like prim. Great outfit, Kristin!

  4. I love the pencil skirt! The colours in the tweed are lovely. I would have never expected to have found a top as classy as this in Forever 21, or for as little as £10. This has been an education for me!

  5. Fab fabric on the skirt and dig the prim top. You always look gorgeous! xo

  6. Prim perfection, my friend.
    happy Sunday


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