Vacation Dressing: An Instagram Confessional

There are times when, despite your great efforts at planning, your entire vacation wardrobe hangs unworn in your closet.
I'm having such a moment. I suppose it's a good thing to not need anything other than a swimsuit and some sunscreen for days on end.  

And that, dear readers, is the reality of vacation dressing this time around.  No vintage Moroccan caftans layered with interesting beads and scarves I sourced from a souk in the Middle East or a Moroccan marketplace. No £200 sandals with delicate feathers and crystals that the it girls in magazines always seem to have on their lists of travel "necessities", right after the £100 Diptyque candle for the hotel room, that is. 

Nope, This week, the fabulous thrift finds are in a USPS box on their way back to me in Scotland, and the makeup bag has remained as sealed as Grant's tomb. There has been the odd venture into tennis gear, there has been lots and lots of sunscreen, and precious little else. You're just going to have to pardon my lack of fabulousness until Monday, when I arrive back into the Scottish mist and will be vaulted, ready or not, into readiness to discuss fall fashion.


  1. Oh don't rush back, enjoy those sunny days while you can!

  2. Ah, this is a great way to vacation! Keep it simple, and enjoy : >

  3. Keeping it real, I see! 'That's what I like about you.' {Me singing in my best The Romantics voice}


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