40 is the New 40: David from Grey Fox

This week it is my distinct pleasure to have David on the blog, who is the very classy gentleman behind the wonderful blog Grey Fox. Launched in 2011, David's blog is, in his own words,  his response to the increasingly difficult question of what to wear and how to dress over forty.  I asked him the same four questions I always ask.

What is your take on "age appropriate" dressing after forty, and does it differ for men and women?

I think for both men and women it’s important to find your own style – both sexes probably take a similar approach. For most, this will be a classical approach to dressing; although our age gives us the confidence to explore and experiment to our hearts’ content. However, I would draw the line at doing anything that we think will make us look younger – it won’t. Celebrate your age – for me there’s nothing more attractive (OK, I mean sexier) than an older woman allowing her hair to go grey and wearing good quality classic clothes that enhance her personality and maturity – and I hope that women would find attractive a man who takes a similar approach. Good quality and fit are essential in our clothes.

How has your style evolved since your 40th year? 

My 40th year is lost in the mists of time, and I only started my blog two years ago, at the age of 56. Until then, I’m afraid it was walking shoes, cargo trousers and fleeces. Now, as far as possible, it’s fewer but better quality clothes that fit well, are classics but with a twist and are made to last. I’ve had my first good suit made, have a blazer on order and am spending more on fewer clothes. If I buy anything that doesn’t fit well I’ll ask my tailor to adjust it to fit. Style depends on good taste and fit.

What are some style items that you will never live without, no matter what age you might be?

A good pair of British-made brogues, a tweed jacket, a fisherman’s sweater, a Prince of Wales check suit and several pairs of raw denim jeans (naturally distressed through wear, not artificially ).

Describe your personal style

Classic British with a twist – tweedy country meets Savile Row mixed with jeans/sweaters casual.

Visit David at Grey Fox blog
Twitter: @GreyFoxBlog
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  1. I really enjoy his blog, and what a dapper, thoughtful man.

  2. A Gentleman with good taste!
    David is so right about style depending on good taste and fit. I take a lot of clothes to my seamstress.
    Thank you for this great post, Kristin.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. I read his blog regularly (lurking though) and am trying to encourage my husband (52) to follow his lead. Not terribly successful so far, but I'm working on it!

    Although I'm more of a below-the-knee skirts person, I do enjoy your blog and love some of your examples. I'm trying to get out of the "50 & frumpy" looks! Ideas for the winter wardrobe now?


  4. Jossie, the next time you are out shopping and see something that draws you in that you would normally think…..no, I can't wear that, try it on. Small steps. Add more colour, pattern, or accessories in colours and textures that you like that feel more adventurous. Starting small you can build up your confidence to try more things that are outside of your usual realm. :)


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