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Today, a very popular blog that I follow was featuring a weekend look that consisted of a pair of 5-inch platform heels and an Hermès bag, among other things.  It was lovely…spectacular, even…but knocking-about-town, weekend casual? Maybe somewhere, but not here.

I came up with this casual look by literally just thinking about my surroundings and grabbing pieces from the closet just to see what would come together. I like the overall tone of the look; causal enough for knocking-about town, but not OTT. However, I think I could have pushed it a wee bit more. It reads a bit Boden catalog the way it is. I think I would have liked to have added a big scarf in a contrasting print or colour, or maybe a felt hat. If only I had a felt hat. I thought about tights, but I'm not really ready for tights yet. In the autumn in this part of the world, black leggings or tights with boots are as common as oxygen molecules, and I kind of feel like I've been there, done that. Eventually, the weather will force my hand, but until then, I'm happy to show a little knee. Scandalous, yes? I know. What a hussy.

LaRedoute long sleeve tee (old), Crew clothing skirt (past season). Merino shrug, hand-knit by my sister, David Tate equestrian boots (old)

Now make it happen.


  1. Lovely, and not a thing to change -- but a felt hat would be fab! Hey, Fergus!

  2. Fabulous! I love this 80s feel the denim skirt gives and the tall boots just add the final 'omph!' that this whole look needed.. I want a pair of this denim skirt myself, it was hot once upon a time and I used to have many!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  3. This is a fun, about town look...and I love this vibrant color!

  4. I think the high waist on your skirt elevates this above strict knock about.

  5. Ah, hello Fergus! best scruffles. The shrug is wonderful, congratulations on having a sister who can knit so well. Dark burgundy tights maybe?

  6. With knees as good as yours I'd show them off too! But I'd be too cold, so I'd wear some patterned skin coloured tights to switch things up from the ever-present black without freezing my knees off.

    Hooray for reality though. High heels and a day's shopping just don't go together in my book.


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