Print Mix: Hold the Accessories

Fall is definitely in the air (and in the shops), but we had one last push of mild weather last week that inspired me to make one last run at some print-mixing. I am normally not a big floral girl, but I found myself really drawn to this high-necked orange floral blouse. I love the Asian-inspired vibe to it, and it is a really easy piece to wear with just about anything. Orange and blue, as you have already seen here,  is one of my favourite colour combinations, and works well in any season.

As for accessories…who needs them? Print-mixing is an accessory unto itself. In my opinion, the past few seasons have been about generously (if not over) accessorising. This trend of over-accessorising reminds me of the iconic Suzy Menkes, and how she rather acerbically questioned the validity of the street style squad her now famous article for the NY Times (titled The Circus of Fashion), calling into question popular street-style bloggers' validity as journalists and observers; referring to them as a bunch of "over-accessorised poseurs."  Menkes may see poseurs, but I see a bunch of people who love fashion (and attention, yes) and are simply getting together and having fun with it. Sponsorships and invites to events may motivate some, but obviously that is the direction the industry has turned, and I could care less. Inspiration is inspiration, and I don't waste a lot of energy worrying about the "legitimacy" of it. Any time someone writes a "back in the good old days" argument to some change in an industry, any industry,  I can't help but feel that there is an element of romantic, if not revisionist, historicism at work.

Having said all that, I'm still not wearing any accessories today.  Nope.

The Stuff

Next floral top (last season), similar
H&M pants (last season), similar for a steal!
Kelsi Dagger booties (old), similar (£$), for a steal!


  1. I so agree with your sentiment about the "legitimacy" of fashion bloggers. We're not breaking any laws, and it's just fashion, for pete's sake!! Love your print-mixing and gorgeous colors.

  2. I agree! We are women who love fashion and share our style world wide. I've noticed the over the top bracelet trend and decided it wasn't for me either. Love this mix and your shoes strike the right tone.

    blue hue wonderland

  3. With this bold outfit you don't need accessories. Wise choice. The colours go so well with your hair.


  4. Loving those bold contrasting prints and colours, made especially fierce with those killer booties!

  5. Great outfit! I'm a bit picky about patterns, but I love that blouse.

    I have a pair of subtley patterned black and cobalt blue trousers. I was talking about what to wear them with at work with my 21 year old minion. I said "I should get a top in..." and she jumped in with "orange". I finished my sentence with "grey". Just goes to show that you're thinking young and hip with the orange/blue thing!


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