The Sweatshirt Thing

I am digging the sweatshirts with skirts trend that is all over the place right now. It is a completely serviceable trend for those of us who live in casual environments, and a good way to ease oneself into the looser, more voluminous silhouettes that are coming into their own right now.

I searched far and wide for this one, which I liked because of the slightly oversized, boxy-yet-rounded shape and the material, which is a proper French terry material (you would not believe how difficult it is to find a sweatshirt made from proper sweatshirt material these days). Also the price was right. No matter how trendy, I am not paying £100 or more for a sweatshirt; there are several options out there right now that are at that price point, if not higher. That is ludicrous.

This is a look I intend to keep, and I daresay you will be seeing a lot of it. It has also now been added to the top of my thrift-hunting wish list.

The Stuff

H&M sweatshirt (sold out), similar


  1. Me too, loving the sweatshirt and skirt look. This one looks perfect, and the loafers are great classics. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. I really like the way this looks! I was not aware of this trend...but you make me want to give it a try. I even have the shoes! Have a great week!!

  3. Fabulous. I'm a big fan of the fancy sweatshirt trend as well and think you've nailed it!

  4. Hi, I'm Glenda of So What to Twenty. Your look is very J.Crew...elegant and sport combined. I especially love the loafers. I found you on Visible Mondays.

  5. I love that sweatshirt! And your Weejuns. I'd love to find one that's soft enough to drape nicely.

  6. Love the look. I agree. No way I am going to spend $$$$$$ on a sweatshirt!

  7. I like this look - and have a whole wardrobe of sweatshirts. Had a pair of Bass Weejuns once too, and would be wearing them now but I was the victim of Style Theft! Someone nicked them years ago, out of the boot of a hire car along with the rest of my luggage.

  8. Hi there! this is a really chic look-just love those loafers and I'm still hunting THE perfect sweatshirt, you've inspired me to keep looking!

  9. Comfy sweatshirt love! Still too hot here to break them out but have two from J.Crew with jeweled necklines (which I know you've seen) as well as some older ones from several seasons ago from various brands...


  10. I bought 2 SWEATSHIRTS this summer because I liked the idea of the sweatshirt dressed up thing. Then whenever I put them on, I felt too casual- and I see you and know what I was missing- a GOOD PENCIL SKIRT. You look effortlessly chic and gorgeous. Ok, I'll give the sweatshirts one more try and pair them with a pencil.

  11. Hey! Great minds think alike! I posted today on fancy sweatpants:). I've also ordered a sweatshirt, to wear with straight leg jeans, but your pencil skirt is the fabu-mostest.

    1. Ha! We truly must have been separated at birth. I cannot agree more, about the price point of SWEATSUITS…and a lot of them aren't even made as well as the stuff I got for free in the U.S. Air Force….which reminds me…..hmmm…..

  12. Sharp as a tack, kid. You look simply perfect in perfect simplicity. That little necklace makes so much difference ... pretty cool all the way around.
    I'm dragging out skirts I haven't worn in years. Whether they will work on me is yet to be determined!
    You look lovely.


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