The Zebra Takes it!

Here is the answer to Saturday's spellbinding quiz poll, Which of These Items Made It into My Closet? Taa-Daa! You guessed correctly, dear readers. I am officially a foregone conclusion.

This is a navy and white linen zebra print top from H&M. I liked the fluidity of the linen fabric: there is a softness to it that is a good balance against the strong print. I also like that this zebra print is in navy instead of black. It's just a small touch, but it looks somehow richer, and works really well with jeans. This is a great layering piece, which I will go ahead and do right now by putting my jacket back on, as it is far too cold here in the West Highlands to be parading around outside in nothing but a loose linen tee.

I chose minimal accessories for this look, as the print is such a strong statement in itself. A contrasting belt adds some waist definition and also adds just a pop of colour. With a large-scale print like this in a graphic colour, I like to keep the makeup simple. Just a swipe of black liquid liner and a bright red-orange lip. Done.

H&M tee (current season), Thrifted Forever 21 JacketNew Look jeans (past season), Dune booties (past season), H&M belt (past season)

Make it Happen.


  1. I love this look with the white jacket...perfect!

  2. Gorgeous, but you really couldn't have gone wrong with any of the choices. BUT, I think you'll get so much wear out of this top! I'd pair it with just about anything because it makes such a statement! And the yellow belt is perfect with it, as is that notched white blazer, which fits you amazingly well! Great look all around and makes me long for a nice spring day when I can wear linen again!

  3. I really like this outfit and I think you just gave me an idea! You look great! Thanks!

  4. Beautiful choice, I love this outfit on you!

    blue hue wonderland

  5. Woo hoo! I chose correctly : ) So glad you went for it. It looks even better than I'd imagined.


  6. Fantastic pattern, I really like it and how you style the rest of the outfit!



  7. Gorgeous you, in zebra plus white and denim! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  8. Hi there! fabulous choice, I would have chosen this myself- I love the navy and white contrast, zebra is a gorgeous print for Autumn and this is an inspired, stylish look! x

  9. I am in love with this tank!!!!!!!!! obviously the print but the shape and fabric are perfection!
    Just added you into my google + circle..finally getting on board!
    Sheree xxx

    1. Ah yes, Google plus....I'm still getting used to it myself. It makes me feel like such an old fart!

  10. That combination is so sharp ... sleek ... perfect. Best blazer cut in the whole world, I think. Dress up, down ... sideways ... always fabulous. Everything so cool on your long leanness.


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