Two Days. Two Looks. One Bag.

The art of the overnighter. A casual weekend overnighter to the city for some shopping should be the easiest kind of trip to pack for, yet the temptation to bring waaaay too much stuff looms large. I get around this by sharing a tote bag with my husband, and only packing two looks. Period. No choice, no fussing. They have to be relatively easy to get on and off for fitting room ease, and should be something that you feel sufficiently comfortable having a casual dinner and drinks in. I like to pick simple pieces in bold prints and colours, and a change of shoes to either elevate the look or make it more streetwise.

Then you shop. Whee!

The Stuff

Look One
H&M snake print trousers (last season), similar
Mossimo (Target…I mean, TargeĆ©) tank
J. Crew merino cardigan (old), similar
Topshop Niagara sandals

Look Two
H&M trousers as above
Equipment "Sandy" v-neck sweater
Sofft "Boone" chukka boots


  1. Love that look on the left, and the color mixing with the snakeskin.

  2. I have a pair of pants like this...I think you just gave me an inspiration the bright colors!

  3. Great always, dear friend.

  4. Hi there! Those trousers are a fabulous print and so perfect for vibrant colours, I really love both looks! Have a great weekend xx

  5. Wow, you look great in those trousers - they look pretty difficult to pull off, but your outfits are cool.

    Since travelling to Europe with only carry-on, I've gotten a lot better at packing light. It is possible with discipline!

  6. I LOVE the snake print trousers - they look really great on you! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What I like is that the pants aren't denim so it takes the look to a whole new level. BTW, just found your blog and loving it!


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