Which One Will It Be?

I have another round of group-participation in store for you today. I did a little sale shopping last week. Am I that much of a foregone conclusion that you can all guess which of the following three pieces came home with me? You can vote at the bottom of the page, then stay tuned for Monday's post for the answer!


  1. hmmmm - all winners I think! I chose the skirt but the zebra is fabulous too.

  2. I hope it was the zebra print tee! I would be perfect for you. Well they all would be really. Maybe you scooped them all up and this is really a trick...


  3. I think it will be the t-dress. iso versatile as a dress or tunic with skin pants...and a bargain!

  4. Nice pieces... feeling monochromatic, were we? I'd wear the T but my boss (who loves zebra print) would be jealous!

  5. You look stunning in the Tee Dress!


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