Going Nude is the Answer


A great number of sartorial conundrums can be solved by the simple application of a pair of nude pumps. I happened upon this pair while out and about at an outlet mall last week, and fell instantly in love. They have everything I like in a pump: A classic pointed-toe shape, a heel height that is practical but not stumpy, and a shade of leather just sort of works, you know?

Doing a post about nude pumps comes quite easily at this particular moment, while I'm on holiday. I have a suitcase full of dresses to wear on our cruise (which will be steaming away from the pier just about the time this post will go live), exactly one for every night. And only one pair of pumps. Yep. One. Okay, I have a few pairs of sandals, but only one pair of pumps. 

How is this possible? Easy. Nudes and neutrals people. Nudes. And. Neutrals. 

This is one of my time-tested recipes for travelling chic without the bulk. If you have a dress that is making a statement, your feet are allowed to be quiet. Let your dress be the focal point. A nude (or muted metallic, also a neutral) will still give you that elongated elegance without any of that matchy-matchy clunkiness that sometimes creeps in when we are trying too hard. !it's the same concept we use in balancing our makeup or outfits: strong eye, neutral lip. Cleavage-baring shirt, long trousers. Statement dress, nude pumps. 

See? Easy.



                                                                Via Spiga shoes (via Marshalls), similar


  1. Isn't Marshalls just the best for shoes!! I can always find something incredible there...and these were a great find. Have a wonderful week.

  2. I am a fan of "nude" shoes- once I noticed my legs look longer and like you so stylishly point out- they "go" with everything.

  3. I need nude pumps! (Well I didn't know I needed them till I saw this fab pair). Wonderful choice!

  4. Nice! Those aren't the normal boring plain beige pump - they've got some interesting bits going on and they look like they'd be quite flattering.

    Have a lovely time away!

  5. When in doubt, I always go for nude pumps and they always work perfectly well. I just love your sling pumps!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  6. Those shoes are gorgeous! I never in a million years would have considered nude shoes until someone pointed out how they elongate the leg.


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