Inspiration: Lowry Park Zoo

Those of you that have been around the blog a while will already know that I am a sucker for bold colors, prints, and just about anything that references animals in any way (excepting of course the actual wearing of fur. I don't. Both my conscience and my wallet prefer the fake stuff).

You will not be surprised then, to hear that a recent trip to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo exacerbated the animal obsession that is always lurking just below the surface of my conscious mind.  These Instagram snaps are a true reminder that there is nothing that we humans can create that nature can't do better….I mean, how chic are these animals!? If my natural state were such a stunning mix of black and white, or perhaps that sleek mahogany coat paired with a zebra-striped bum, I would never, ever wear another pair or trousers ever again.

But alas, we Homo sapiens have to make due with what we can put together from our wardrobes. Here are some of my inspired choices.

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  1. Awww, fabulous pics! I haven't been to this zoo yet, but I will do. I love flamingos.

  2. Hi there! Im a swede living in scotland and ive been reading ur blog for a while now! Love ur style! And i like to read local blogs so tumbs up

  3. Tapir! My favourite zoo animal! (Although Okapi come up a close second or possibly first equal).

    I know what you mean about animals just being effortlessly beautiful. I'm watching great tits outside the window on our bird feeder - they're a lovely colour combo, sleek and pretty.

    I often think about art, that it's all humans can do to accuragetly represent the gorgeousness that nature just pops out as part of everyday life. People spend their lives working to be good enough to be able to paint a lovely landscape. But I suppose we add layers of meaning and implications, rather than just showing what's there...


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