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Alright, sure. I may be on holiday at the moment, but at some point in the not too distant future, I will have to face the reality of stepping off of that jumbo jet and back into the cold, blustery UK weather. So current conditions notwithstanding, when Michael, who represents official Barbour clothing supplier The Highlands contacted me, a collaboration was pretty much a no-brainer for the girl who lives in the actual Highlands.

With a London-based retail store and a gorgeous, well-designed website that is incredibly easy to navigate, The Highlands offers a well-curated shopping experience for the whole family that offers both classic offerings from Barbour clothing and accessories, as well as some of the line's newest styles. The Highlands offers a click and collect service from their London store, as well as free standard delivery on all UK orders, a service that I will definitely be testing-out in the very near future with one or more of the following items.

This moleskin-lined waxed jacket is perfect for sealing out the elements, and is a perfect companion to a casual everyday look. The wax coating means the only work you really have to put in is to sponge it clean from time to time, and the more you wear a jacket like this, the better it gets. Think of it as more than a jacket. It's an investment in your future. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. 

Even those of us who don't go bird shooting need a place to put our stuff that we gather along the trail of life. This louche bag maintains the sporty appearance of a hunting bag, while being practical enough to be put to use for everything from our laptops and smart phones to that really important thing that we need to mail but don't want to get all wet on the way to the postbox.

You can never have too many of these. Tartan scarves are basically unisex, they always look good with whatever you put them with, and they make great gifts. I buy tartan scarves by the bucketload at Christmastime. This particular specimen especially appeals to me, as it is a merino and cashmere blend…two of my very favorite wools to have next to my skin. What's not to like? 

Visit The Highlands retail store location at 73-77 Regent street in London, or stop by their website by clicking here.

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  1. Hi there! Fabulous picks here, I really love the colour of the scarf! x

  2. It doesn't get very cold here, but that wouldn't stop me from craving that bag! Lovely picks.

  3. Wonderful scarf! I love the classic Barbour jackets too.

  4. Seriously…who doesn't like Barbour?


  5. I'm with Suzanne... who doesn't love Barbour?! I have a quilted black jacket, but need (not want, "need") the waxed jacket with a button or zip in lining, but with a hood. Thanks for reminding me. And I need to get my husband the lining. It's been on his "need" list for years, but I keep forgetting. Jotting it down!
    xo ~kim (and chloe)


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