Bad Weather Inspiration: Texture

On a recent trip, I brought with me the backlog of magazines that have been piling-up at home. As much as I love technology, I still like to get the paper copies of my favourite fashion magazines in the mail; it's a bit like Christmas every time I hear one make its distinctive thud when it falls through the mail slot. Plus, I love the way they smell. I know, weird, right? But those perfume samples, the little cardboard blow-in cards, the thick, glossy paper...they all blend together to make a unique smell. If Demeter (the folks that brought us fragrances like popcorn, frozen margarita, and laundromat) made a "Fashion Magazine" fragrance, I would be all over that. An old school paper fashion magazine is a tactile and olfactory assault that lends itself  to a visceral experience that you just can't replicate with an iPad. My iPad smells of hand lotion, easy-peel tangelos,  and spilled latte. Which come to think of it, might be good too. Demeter, call me.

These are some of my favourite images from Vogue USA and Elle UK from everything from the massive September issue right through the current issue. I am particularly dying for that Tom Ford zebra dress in the middle, although my innate pragmatism (not to mention my wallet) would just not allow me to go there. Remember, I live in the Highlands.

These images represent for me the perfect inspiration for dressing for the typical, apocalyptic winter weather we are experiencing here in Scotland right now, as I'm sure many of you are experiencing where you live. Except those of you who are perhaps in the more southern climates (hello Floridians, Arizonans, and my southern Mediterranean readers). We northerners are resenting you for your light jackets and cotton blends right now, so you'd best keep a low profile while we discuss the best way to go outside in this weather without dying. For us, mixing interesting textures, whether they be tactile textures or visual ones, is a great way to add interest to an outfit without adding too many fussy elements that will just get ruined by the weather. This week, I am all about texture. Here are some of my picks. For more, you can visit the This Week's Picks tab at the top of the page.


  1. Mmmm, great textures - the River Island furry jacket is really adorable. And the zebra dress too - a one of a kind! Stay warm, and I shall not share the temperature here today : >

  2. Ahh, magazine obsession, I am similarly afflicted. The contents of my recycling box are in inverse proportion to the level of my bank account. I have that centre image from the top row torn out, too, because that seems like an eminently practical garment... ahem.

  3. I applaud your dedication to fashion! In weather like this, I don't even bother doing my hair or make up 'cos it'll just be blown and rained to bits. It's basically been storming in Bristol today - too nasty to even put up an umbrella.

  4. Oh NO, you can't let the bad weather win! Do not negotiate with terrorists!

  5. you know, there's just something about thumbing through the pages of a will never be able to replace it, in my opinion. i'd like to incorporate more textures into my closet. problem is - central Texas weather really doesn't allow for it. bummer. :)


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