Le Non Smoking

You'll have to forgive me these photos. It's raining. Again. In Scotland. Enough said. 

Let's talk about my look.  This is my budget Highlands version of YSL's iconic 1966 "Le Smoking" female tuxedo; the sartorial shot heard round the world that changed everything about how we look at eveningwear.  Having been a working professional musician for years, I am certainly no stranger to the wearing of a tuxedo. Really, I took it for granted, thinking of it as the official uniform of the underpaid wedding dance and bar mitzvah. But that was then. 

I now have a much deeper appreciation for a simple tux now that I am no longer required to wear one regularly. Funny how that happens. These days, there is less of a need to blend in with the boys in the band when I choose a tuxedo or dark suit type of arrangement, so I like to deconstruct it a little and not worry so much about sticking to the classic white shirt and a tie thing, although you really can't beat the classics. 

I wore a slightly more rock-and-roll version of this look to a work's night out last night. I wore the top as you see it here, cinched-in with the leather obi belt, but wore a pair of skinny grey denim jeans on the bottom with my grey Vince Camuto sparkle cap toe booties.  Any excuse to wear the sparkle cap toe booties, I'm there. And you know, I felt pretty awesome in my budget Highland Le Non Smoking tux. I felt kind of powerful, like a well-tailored badass secret operative; a one-woman island of chic austerity surrounded by a sea of sequins, bandage dresses, push-up bras, and velvet. A less is more approach to standing out in a crowd. A look that says "yes, I may be understated, but don't mess with me...I may or may not be packing heat under this obi belt."

Thrifted HervĂ© Bernard Jacket, similar /  Armani cotton tank / Edun straight cut black denim trousers (no longer available), similar / Stuart Weitzman patent pumps / ASOS leather obi belt, sterling silver and topaz ring, similar

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  1. Very nice! I love you you've used the obi belt for a cummerbund effect.

  2. Wow, This all-black look is fabulous, Kristin. The red lips are such a killer finishing touch. And the heels, love those heels.

  3. Stunning! I'm at a loss for words!

  4. Superb look, your heels and belt make all the difference!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  5. Very sassy! (and reasonably warm, which is handy for dos that involve walking about from bar to bar or whatever).

  6. You look so gorgeous and chic. Love you hair!


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