Man Gifts: 2014 Edition-Part 2

Welcome back everyone. I hope that if you've been out battling the crowds Christmas shopping this weekend, you are currently lying in a sudsy bath with your iPod in your ears and cucumber slices on your eyes. Here is part 2 of 3, two more suggestions for the perfect man gift this season.

Cases For his Gadgetry

Perhaps he is the type of guy who painstakingly researches iPhone cases on the Internet for hours, coming-up empty handed.  Or perhaps he just tosses his iPad into his suitcase and leaves everything to chance. Whatever the case (ahem) may be, there are options aplenty out there this season.

Cashmere Everything

Cashmere is synonymous with the holiday season. Even if you live in a warmer climate there is a plethora of socks, t-shirts, and pajama-type arrangements to choose from so that you might give him that wee slice of luxury. Just be sure to test the quality first. There is a lot of cashmere floating about this time of year that is a bit...peelie-wallie (as they say here in Scotland). Feel the fabric, and check the ply. Generally, the bigger the ply, the more luxurious the cashmere.


  1. Hi Kristin,Merry Christmas.
    Do you recommend a Scottish online company that sells cashmere or cashmere combo plaid scarves?
    I was an ardent fan of Ballantyne, but they are almost gone, I am looking for a classic red plaid scarf..Scotland is the place, right.......any ideas?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Joanne, there are a lot of places to get great wool. If you want high end, Pringle of Scotland or Brora are great. But there are loads of small vendors as well. I did a sponsored post a while back called "Wrapped in Tartan" that featured the website buys They sell both lambs wool and cashmere scarves, are affordable, and ship internationally. They're based in Edinburgh. You can find the link in the archives section (I'm on my iPad at the moment and have limited capabilities).

    2. That website should have read autocorrect...

  2. Thank you. Ahhh yes. That will cure my plaid fix.
    Merry Christmas!

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