Man Gifts: 2014 Edition-Part 3

Let's get right to it, shall we? Time's a wastin'! This, the final two suggestions from Man Gifts 2014 will focus on the pragmatic. Luxury can still creep its way in though, don't you worry. We haven't become completely uncivilised here at Highland Fashionista. Happy shopping everyone!

Some Fancy-Schmancy Shaving Stuff

I often read interviews with Tom Ford, who always says that when it comes to a beauty or grooming routine, it should be luxurious and ritualistic. I completely agree. When you think of how much time a guy spends shaving, it makes that aluminium can of Barbasol and that Bic razor seem kind of...well, barbaric, doesn't it?

A Box

Okay, maybe I should elaborate a bit more. In my house, there are always piles of stuff which I lovingly refer to as piles of "man mess": coins, receipts, bits and know, stuff.  I would have no issue with this, were it not for the fact that every once in a while, other things get sucked into its vortex: cufflinks, kilt pins, the one key that opens that lock on that thing....


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