Man Gifts: 2014 Editon-Part 1

It's that time again. The eggnog is in the stores (so gross),  we are starting to sees houses festooned with lights in Clark Griswald-like fashion, and the holiday music ear worm has been successfully implanted for another season. Naturally, our thoughts turn to gift giving. Gifts for men have always been a bit of an enigma. Sure, you can just do the pragmatic thing and ask him what he wants and be done with it, but I like a little suspense in my holidays. So with no further adieu, here's the Man Gifts 2014 shortlist, part one of three. Just two simple ideas per post as to not overwhelm. Because let's face it, holiday gift shopping is nothing if not overwhelming.

A Man Bag

Yes, I know that this was on the list last year, but here it is again. This is one of those gifts that for most of us, is both grounded-in and inspired-by reality. Reality as in, being in the airport, and having to wait for him to set down his carry-on bag and dig through all the loose papers and socks and whatnot to get to the boarding passes. Again. He says he doesn't need one of these.  Yet a good man bag has a designated space for a laptop, iPad, phone, pens and pencils, books, a lunch, and yes, a boarding pass. He needs it. You know it, he knows it. 

Lounge Pants

Sure, this falls firmly into the non-glamourous category, but be honest, he will use them. So I figure either you can look at him padding around the house in that same pair of skeevy, marinara-stained sweatpants for another 12 months, or you can choose something lovely, maybe even with some cashmere or silk. 


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