Naturally, Now It's All On Sale!

It never fails. When you spend a lot of time thinking, writing, photographing, and wearing clothes, you inevitably see the stuff that you absolutely had to have earlier on in the season go on sale. It reminds me of why I hardly ever pay full price for anything. Excepting a few things on this list. But never mind. My recklessness can be your gain. Remember some of these looks from my posts over the summer? Like them? Well, you can now get all of these things for a lot better price than I did. Merry Christmas. Don't say I don't ever do anything nice, however begrudgingly.

Clockwise from upper left corner 

 Sofft Boone "Chukka" boots $159.99 $59.00  

J. Crew Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater  $248.00 $169 - $199 

Gap 1969 Always Skinny camo ankle pants (pink only) $69.95 $39.99 / £26.99

 Clarks Boots "Heath Woodlark" (limited sizes and colours) $119.00 £45.00

Sam Edelman "Lorissa" pumps (limited colours and fabrications) $225.00 $157 - $159


  1. Thanks for the tips, Kristin! I am a fool for Clark's boots, must check these out.

  2. Nice blog. The fashion world is going on. Merry Christmas and Happy New Tear To EveryONE !!!!!!. ITS CHRISTMAS TIME:
    See me in my blog

  3. Don't you just hate that?


  4. After searching all year (or what feels like all year!) for some tunics to wear with leggings, I just stumbled into Victoria's Secret's web sales, and snatched up several velour tunics. I have been in VS stores lately and never saw anything like these. Nice and lengthy, and one style has side seam POCKETS which I adore. All of them were at half off the regular price, so I consider my delay most definitely saved me some cash. Sometimes I guess, being simply PICKY can help the bottom line!


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