The Lady Loves a Bargain


It's true, I do love me a bargain. With the final run up to Christmas upon us, there is a veritable tsunami of discounts sweeping the internet. The days of waiting until January for a bargain are over. Whether you are still shopping for others or taking my preferred "one for you, one for me" approach to holiday shopping, do not be lured into a panic-induced, full-price smash and grab. Today I have amassed some of my favourite, and in my opinion most useful, discount links on the web. Here, need to elbow your way through the sweaty masses. Unless you're into that kind of thing. I don't judge.


  1. thanks, Kristin! I'm having fun browsing at FC.

  2. Thanks! And don't forget the 30% off at J. Crew, right?

  3. Oooh, how did I miss that one!? Dangerous territory, that.

    1. Right. I've added a link to the 30% off at J. crew as well. Left hand column. Go nuts everyone. See you there!

  4. Great advice to share, and making my Christmas shopping a breeze!

  5. Awesome deal from FCUK! Love French Connection... basically everything. :)


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