The Winter Uniform, Revisited

I know I'm always banging-on about my winter uniform for Scotland, which is always some permutation of skinny trousers, a sweater or shirt with ease, and a cropped jacket layered on top. I also usually add a scarf, although I thought this particular jacket was better without one. This year is no exception to my usual winter fare, except I am trying to keep the colour going. The next time you're out and about this winter, have a look around at everybody. You will most likely see a sea of black and other muted, "fall/winter-approrpiate" tones. While the dark, cold weather certainly makes you want to hibernate in dark colours, I am resisting the urge.  Colour also serves a more pragmatic function as well; my husband will be able to spot me easily in a crowd when we go shopping in the city.

Make it Happen


  1. Hi there! Fabulous look, who would have thought pink and yellow would go-this is such an inspiring, stylish outfit!

  2. Your go-to look is fabulous, punched up with color. I love the shape as well as the color of the terrific jacket!

  3. Some days I love sticking to my neutrals, but other days I need some color, which I usually rely on accessories to provide. A great jacket in a cheerful color like that could make me change my strategy.

  4. Definitely bright clothing colors for shopping! Don' t know how many times I've lost my husband in the crowd. Asking myself, what is he wearing? Ha

  5. I love that jacket - the whole outfit is great!

  6. You are so lucky that bright colors look great on you! I love the outfit and you look fantastic in it! Alas, I tend to favor the muted tones, which sometimes gets boring but like une femme, I try to add my pop of color with accessories -- earrings, purse even colorful shoes.

    Rita O'Really

  7. You look like an adorably dressed teen model who has lost her photographer and crew ... and is now hanging out, attractively posed, under road signs. Please understand I mean that as a compliment ... in your case 40 is the new twenty! Looking pretty in your brights.
    I'm just weary of them ... pressure here, where I live, to wear bright colors is incessant. I just want some broody, romantic darks to match my wintry mood. But must be accompanied by textures. I don't ask for much, do I?
    Dan is the hardest item to find in any store. So I have him paged if he makes the colossal mistake of turning off his cell phone. "Mr. McMillen ... Dan McMillen ... please meet your parole officer at the front of the store."

  8. I cannot believe how bitchin' that color combo is on you! That shade of yellow is so hard to pull off but you rock it - and with a pink jacket to boot! You could cause a wreck standing under that sign because you look hot enough to stop traffic ;-)


    1. Oddly enough, someone actually took out that sign last night. Completely bowled it over. These things happen, but I don't exactly live in a traffic-heavy area, as you can probably tell by the pictures. Coincidence? Woooooo….(insert eerie music here)


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