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This whole glasses thing is still new to me. When I turned 40, it was like overnight my eyeballs decided they no longer needed to show up for work. I was sitting in my office one night trying to fill out a form, and I realised that I was not able to see any of the fine print. In my job, there is regular math (okay, apparently I did need that algebra after all), so this is kind of a problem. Up to that moment, I was always able to just fight my way through periodic myopic bouts and my eyeball muscles (that's the technical medical term for it, you know) would eventually do my bidding. No longer. And thusly, I entered into the reading glasses stage of life. Oh goody. Something else I can lose besides my car keys.

Now that I'm 41, I'm on my second prescription, and they have upped the strength of my glasses by two. Two what? I actually have no idea what that means. Is that good or bad? At boot camp, they used to tell us to adjust the scopes on our weapons by moving things two clicks to the left or right, so I can only assume that the big eyeball machine with all its hinged moving parts at the optometrists works along similar lines. Anyway, I've moved up by two.

These are the glasses in my current rotation, although only the two on the right actually have the new prescription in situ. I have always been partial to "geek chic" glasses with heavy frames, because I still choose to think of them more as an accessory than a necessity, although my husband would likely tell you otherwise, as he is frequently dispatched to retrieve them from wherever I last set them down. I find the selection process rather agonising. I have a big head, and most women's frames that are in the shop displays are too small for my big American heed (as they say over here). Trying-on is essential, and as one very astute salesman said to me, you should choose the ones you really want, and not just take a "that'll do" approach.

After wearing my newest pair a bit (upper right corner), I'm thinking I'm ready to venture a little more into the cat-eye realm. Cat-eyes don't obscure my cheekbones as much, and they have a quirky, vintage librarian kind of thing going on. Below is the wish list. What about you guys? Glasses wearers weigh-in please. How do you go about the selection process, and what are your preferences?

Cat Eye Wishlist


  1. 40 was a turning point for my eayes too and in the meantime I am blind in front of the computer or trying to read without my specs. I need new ones too and love the cat-eye frames, especially the Kate Spade in your selection.

    Annette | Lady of Style
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  2. I love your frames! I've worn glasses since I was 8, but have a v. small nose, chubby cheeks and a short distance between nose and ears and finding frames that actually fit, let alone look good, is a challenge. So my selection process involves tramping around all the opticians to find something that fits, followed by a huge bill for the complex lenses I need! I'd love to have more choice.
    Specsavers have provided the best service and prices, although £600 for 2 pairs isn't cheap.

  3. Those are all gorgeous, although I particularly like the top-right corner pair. I love a good cat eye. After MUCH trial and error I've got these as my short-sighted glasses (usually wear lenses).
    They are a bit full-on in the cat-eye regard, and I did wonder if people were staring at me strangely when I first wore them, but now I love them. The lighter lower edge of the frame makes them a bit more wearable for me. It took me forever to find them though and I had to buy them online, which was a bit of a punt - I would prefer to buy from a shop if possible because it's sooo hard to tell whether they're going to suit you or not.

    For the inevitable reading glasses (sigh), I got these for £12 but they're actually pretty close to those Alexander McQueens you posted, so now I feel really chuffed!

  4. I've been wearing them since I was thirteen, so well over thirty years... I'm definitely with the salesman, get the ones you want, you'll always regret not getting them. And keep them so that you can get new lenses fitted as needed (which means the cost can be justified on a per wear....). I don't like frames which get in my line of vision, nor ones that are too heavy, and I prefer a curvy frame.

  5. I wish I could afford several Progressive Bifocal lenses are expensive. But I love my Ray Bans and it looks like you have gone for that similar style!! You look good in lamenting...they favor your face really well!

  6. All of the frames you've shown look good on you. I have the opposite problem...a small, narrow face. I find that in my mid-50's, going too literal with the cat eye shape looks a bit less "vintage" and more "time warp" so my latest pair just hints at that shape, while still being bold and geeky.

  7. I have a small pea head and it's even harder to find glasses that are narrow enough to fit. I found some frames from Myhabit and at my last prescription had new glasses made. The last pair were a funky turquoise but now that I'm silver I love how thick black frames can look uber-chic. So I have thick rectangular frames with some style on the sides.

    I personally love the first frames on you in the top left-hand corner. But really, they all look good and you have to go with the ones that speak to your current style. They are an accessory so you should love whatever pair you get.

  8. I've been wearing contacts for years, but decided that I'd like some glasses for days when I don't feel like hassling with the lenses. I've gone through two rounds of home try-ons with Warby Parker (www, and have finally settled on a pair. They send you five pair of your choice to try on for free. When you order the glasses, they're $95. I like that their frame designs tend towards geeky and intellectual. (I'm a librarian so I have to look cool!) Customer service has been perfect, and quality of the frames is great. I've been waiting until after the holidays to actually order my glasses, but I'm assuming they'll be perfect. Good luck with your search. The ones you show seem perfect for you. although I'm personally not a fan of jewels on glasses frames.

  9. Funny you should mention they're your new pair and that you want to wear more of that style as they're my favourite out of the four. I definitely think you suit that style they look great on you. You should look into investing into some more, although I'm not sure how many styles of reading glasses people usually have?


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