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Happy New Year Everybody! Finally, the Scottish weather has let up long enough to give me a window of opportunity (and just barely enough light) to shoot outdoors today. I had been agonising over trying to have to figure out how I was going to keep up with the ever-important task of keeping the universe abreast of my latest fashion escapades.  This is important stuff, and the people have a right to know.

New Year's Day is all about taking it easy, chillin' out, sleepin' it off, and keepin' it simple. Those of you who have been around the blog a while will already know that I am of the opinion that a great pair of boots is a fantastic fuss-free way to elevate a look. You will also know that I have always been sort of ambivalent about over the knee boots. They have to be just right, not too Robin Hood, not too Pretty Woman slutty...they can be difficult. But they had been playing on my mind for years as a wardrobe piece that can act as a magic wand; something that can take a simple tee or sweater and jeans and transform it into something edgy and cool.  So after much research for just the right pair, I went there.

I'll admit here that I had really wanted the iconic Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots, in all of their sleek, form-fitting splendour. But even with sale prices and coupons, I just couldn't bring myself to pay an investment-piece price for something that probably falls into the "fun" category. At least for now. If I find myself wearing these Tamaris suede over the knee boots as regularly as I now think I might, I still might go there. But I found these to be surprisingly lovely. The suede is sumptuous (I sprayed with weather-protectant for the Scottish weather), the over the knee part is just loose enough to look louche without being all floppy, and the fit is perfect. Paired with one of my favourite cowl neck sweaters and some simple silver jewellery, it makes for a pretty easy way to throw oneself together in a hurry (for those New Years Day social pop-arounds) and still look cool. Apparently these particular choices are also a good way to coordinate yourself with the Scottish landscape, as I appear to have inadvertently created a kind of Scottish camouflage in putting this look together.  In any case, once again, you bear witness to my fashion capitulation.

Calvin Klein sweater, similar / New Look jeans / Tamaris boots / silver earrings (old), similar / ruched silver cuff (old), similar, Ruff Hewn moto jacket (old), similar

Make it Happen.


  1. Love the color of this jacket! You are so creative...I am sure you will find ways to get the pictures done...enjoy your beginning to a New Year!

  2. I really like that outfit! I've got a green fake leather jacket but no lovely over the knee boots (those are a really nice version - not too anything, just right).

  3. Happy New Year, Kristin! These boots are fabulous and so is the green jacket - wonderful colors.

  4. Happy New Year, Kristin!
    You look so comfy!! What a lovely look for the first day of the year, stylish.
    How I understand you about the pictures....

  5. Those look great! They do add a nice little jalapeno olive to the outfit martini.

  6. Great boots, Kristin! I like Tamaris, they have stylish shoes, good quality and reasonable prices.
    You look fabulous in your leather jacket!

    Annette | Lady of Style


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