Inspired by my Orchids

I have recently become a bit obsessed with orchids. Yes, by now we all know that Radiant Orchid is the colour of spring, but I'm talking about the real deal here.  I love how they look both beautiful and menacing, how their epiphytic roots reach out for air and sunshine, and yes, I suppose I even love how dang hard they are to grow. Especially when you live in Scotland, where the cold dampness and lack of light in the winter make things extra challenging.

I have taken to rescuing orchids from the local supermarket and home improvement stores when they get cheap. Being a newbie at orchids, I have read everywhere that you are not supposed to do this, as you are supposed to start with healthy plants so that you can feel successful. Be that as it may, I have found this to be a great way of learning what works for my own environment without investing a packet. Granted, not every plant can be saved.  I lost my first one to root and crown rot, but that was because I hadn't done my research. Lost my second one to extensive root rot. My husband had brought it home, and it was too far gone to be saved. The others? Well, time will tell. Only one of my plants is in spike and blooming at the moment (the one pictured above). I've learned that when you rescue stressed plants, you have to cut the remaining flower spike off so the plant can redirect its energy into making new roots, as painful as it may be to bring those lovely remaining flowers to a more rapid end.

So far things are looking up.  I find myself staring at these plants all the time. Yesterday, when I was doing just that, inspiration struck from the dark recesses of my mind.  I decided to challenge myself to see if I could put together a spring look inspired by each one of my orchids. As if on cue, an email arrived just hours later from Ashley who represents ProFlowers, asking if I would like to participate in a blogger collaboration project in which we would be writing about spring fashion inspired by flowers. The universe appears to have had a hand in today's post.

Incidentally, orchid tips are more than welcome in the comments, by the way. If you are an expert and want to weigh-in, I'm all ears!

Phalaenopsis orchid ("Panda" variety?) / Thrifted Target tank, similar / H&M pants (old), similar / Chinese Laundry shoes / Thrifted Forever 21 jacket, similar

Phalaenopsis ("Moth") orchid, photo / Thrifted Eastex jacket, similar / H&M blouse (old), similar / Calvin Klein jeans (old), similar / Enzo Angiolini shoes (old), similar

Phalaenopsis lilac orchid, photo / J. Crew cardigan (old) / thrifted blouse, similar / Calvin Klein cutoffs (old), similar / Topshop sandals (last season), similar

Phalaenopsis "heiroglyphica"  baby plant from ebay / J. Crew top (old), similar / ASOS belt / Max Studio skirt (old), similar / Naturalizer shoes (old), similar

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  1. Lovely post and I love orchids. Both my mum and my daughter have green fingers but I have been left out ;-)
    What I have learned: Use rain water (our tap water is too hard) or in winter melted snow. Leaves of plants standing next to each other should touch each other. Ideally don't water them but put them into water in the sink for I while, then let the water rinse off before you put them back.
    Against all rules my friend has her orchids in the bathroom on the window sill above the radiator and she has the nicest and rich white orchids I have ever seen...

    Good luck with yours!
    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. I love how you took your inspiration. That first outfit is killer.

    I hope you see some success with those orchids. The only ones I've got are fake : )


  3. I love your orchid-inspired outfits! Back when I lived in the SF Bay Area, we always had orchids outside in pots that seemed to thrive on neglect and getting their leaves chewed on by our cats. I've never done well with the indoor ones, but you make me want to give them another try.

  4. Oooh, lovely outfits! I like how the trousers in the top look have an Eastern feel! I love orchids too, and shamefully seem to be treating them as a one shot know...kind of like buying cut flowers. Having said that, I keep trying to get one to re-bloom before I kill it with root rot. My aunt has had hers re-bloom, and her tips are thus: When it's blooming, water it once a week with 1 1/2 cups water with orchid fertilizer diluted in the water. When it's dormant, do the same, but only once a month. I'm determined to follow this routine and not be my usual forgetful self.

  5. I've had no good history with orchids - looks like you are much more successful, yay! Love these looks, esp the green floral jacket with boyfriend jeans. xo

    1. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, too!

  6. Love the bright pink top. I have just bought a similar coloured shirt and it really cheers me up.

  7. I love to be inspired by nature and all of these looks are beautiful...I do think the first is my favorite. Your orchids are beautiful as well. You must have a "green thumb" as they say!!

  8. Orchids are my inspiration too. I am very much like a fashion designer – except instead of using fabric my main material is magnificent Orchid Plant. I create modern arrangements with live and silk orchids. Great to see you are succeeding and orchids happy at your home. Look at my creations with beautiful orchids at Good luck! Juliette, The Orchid Diva

  9. Love, love, love outfit 3! You look hot in that color! I had an orchid plant for a couple of years but it went dead on me.. I am just not good with plant in general, let alone delicate species like orchid! The fact that it lasted for 2 years was beyond me..

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai UAE

  10. And I'm inspired by you. Really, the best post I've read in a while. This is what is most interesting about how individuals respond to the elements that make up personal style. This is what I want to hear about. Recognizing the challenge these delicate beauties are is wonderful. Doing your homework and expertise is enviable. There's something touching and intellectually brave about starting a project with a strong prospect of failure in order to learn something of value.
    And then, of course, you look so beautiful in your thoughtful response to your successes.
    Grand post, and you made my morning.

    1. Jan that's the nicest comment I've had through here in a while. Muchos Gracias. I have to admit that I can't even take credit for the one "chid" that is in bloom, the Panda Moth Orchid.....I bought it in bloom. Since I rescue them from the stores, I like to have at least one that is in flower, as the ones that are in "the ICU" may be a while before they spike if they survive my resuscitation attempts.


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