In-Between Climate Dressing

I pride myself in being a really low-maintenance traveller.  I'm not talking about a backpack, walking sandals, and one-pair of underwear that you wash out in the sink on the train kind of traveller (honey, please), but rather the kind of traveller that can form an idea of what she wants to look like on her vacation, make a list, and get it done quickly and with very little indecision.

That said, I struggled a bit when planning my wardrobe for our recent trip to Malaga, Spain. Malaga in February poses kind of a unique challenge for dressing. Temperatures in February can be anywhere from 40-75 degrees Fahrenheit (I never did get used to looking at Celsius), so you have to be prepared for anything from the beach to knitwear and boots. This makes packing for a quick, 5 day trip challenging, as like so many of our wee sneaky breaks, this was to be a carry-on bag holiday.

As with so many other things in life, the secret is in the layering. I ended up in cashmere sweaters layered over a sleeveless top; a look that gives you some wiggle room when the temperatures change, Two pairs of skinny jeans (one ankle, one long) took me from day to night with no problem for this casual getaway. One pair of fancy-schmancy shoes, and one black blazer, and that was me finished. Granted it took me about three hours to figure it out (I must have been tired when I packed), but lo and behold, I think I got it right.  Readers, I give you Exhibit A:

Tahari Cardigan (old), similar / H&M tee (no longer available online), similar (cute!) / Seven jeans /  Born loafers (old), similar / vintage Coach bag, similar /  Andrea Jovine sunglasses

Make it Happen.


  1. In-between climates are the worst. I deal with that a lot because I ride or walk to work everyday so I have to dress to be warm enough for my commute but not overly warm at the office. And I agree, layers are the best way to go.

    Your outfit is perfect for a casual getaway!

  2. Yum, those shoes for Evening are fantastic. I agree that layering is the key for travel.

  3. Yup! I'm going to say you nailed this!

  4. We have a 5 day trip to Morocco coming up next week with only carry on bag. I find shoes the most challenging. I shall have to wear my hiking boots on the plane. I admire your discipline.

  5. Great outfit! Another thing I found going to Spain at Easter was that the locals were still dressing in their version of winter - only the tourists where wearing summery-type clothes 'cos it was warm to us and we were there for some sun.

    It was funny to see all the Brits pile off the plane in fake tan and colourful shimmery caftans and flip flops - it definitely wasn't that warm yet, but they were going to pretend it was!

    1. I always find this funny too. In February, it is definitely not that warm yet, and yet I saw this woman at the train station in a tiny short little sun dress and flip flops. Okay, she was in a cardigan, but sheesh! There might be a few hours in the afternoon you can get away dressing like that on a sunnier day at one of the coastal towns, but in the city it just looks plain weird in the middle of February.


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