Inspiration: Delft Pottery

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Admittedly, I don't own any of the classically Dutch Delft pottery, but I think that a little of it owns me. I spent a great many years in my 20s floating about as a crewmwmber for a major cruise line that has...without naming association with The Netherlands.  Delft pottery was as ubiquitous in the on-board shops as oxygen, and I guess I sort of got used to looking at it.

So much so that every time I see any permutation of a blue and white floral or paisley motif, I am instantly reminded of that cruise line and the Delft pottery.

And yes, I have been wearing these shoes all week. What is this, the third time they have made an appearance? Hey, nobody can accuse me of not wearing the things I buy...

H&M pants (old), similar, similar (bargain) / Tommy Hilfiger thrifted tank, similar / Chinese Laundry shoes / thrifted Forever 21 jacket, similar

Make it Happen.


  1. So pretty. The leggings rock and I am loving the shoes - quelle 80s vibe (in a good way). I had a similar pair of silver shoes and let them go when I moved overseas. Why? Xo

  2. This is one of my favorite looks of it!

  3. Those shoes are so versatile and add such a nice pop to your outfits. Cute jacket too.

  4. Love this look, and of course the timeless pottery. And work those silver shoes, they look fab.

  5. I like this long and lean look on you. Great shoes too!

  6. Ooh, loving that look! I'm very fond of blue and white pottery - I had some bits (not actual Delft) on New Zealand from a Dutch cheese shop. I guess they just bought them over in their suitcases from trips home.

    Talking of trips, do you ever trip over the toes of those shoes? They look cool, but I think I'd be sprawling in them!

    1. Hi! Nope, the shoes are actually more comfortable than they look. Low centre of gravity and all that...they look longer than they are when I wear them with a skinny pant as above, but actually the toes just peep out from under a pant leg.

  7. love Love LOVE this look! Fabulous!!


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