Big Silk Shirt

This shirt was a thrift purchase that I just had to have in spite of myself. It is a gorgeous silk shirt by St. John, and I believe it to be circa 80's, Dynasty era. Yes, I had to rip the shoulder pads out of it, and yes, it is a size larger than I wear (by 80's standards, making it more likely two sizes larger than I wear), but it was such a quality garment I just had to have it.

I find that wearing it in a kind of blousy, casual way works best. Because the cream silk material is rather shiny, I felt that to modernise the shirt I needed to pair it with edgier, more dressed-down pieces, lest it give off that kind of Falcon Crest, Lady of the Manor kind of vibe that is always a little too close for comfort when you have salt and pepper hair like mine. So I kept it simple, deconstructed, and added a few chunky pieces of fun jewellery to keep it light.

thrifted St. John silk blouse, similar / thrifted Armani jeans, similar / silver and green prasiolite amethyst ring, H&M alligator stretch ring (sold out), similar / Report shoes (old), similar

Make it Happen. 


  1. This type of shirt will never go out of style and is perfect with jeans.
    I think we all watched (and loved) Dynasty&Co at that time, also here in Germany!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. I love this outfit, really simple and as always your shoe game is tight!

  3. Those heels are so lovely! You look so cute! I love it!

  4. Love the whole look...but I really love those shoes!!!

  5. The blouse looks really yummy, worn like this and with those great heels to set it off. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  6. Oh, I love big shirts from the 80s. Sans shoulder pads, of course. I do NOT need the extra padding there!

  7. Great blouse! I really need to invest in a greasy silk blouse.

  8. Great, not greasy! Ha!

    1. The greasy silk shirt may very well by my favourite typo to date! Heeee-larious!

  9. Fabulous shirt. Not a Crystal or Alexis in sight.

  10. A white shirt is always such wonderful idea, and if it is silk with tough denim, wowwwwwwwwwwww Perfection.
    Happy Moday

  11. Looks great. So simple and classic, but cool.

  12. Very sleek and completely enviable. Great score, you! It's not at all Madame, so never fear. You wear it in a completely modern way. Wouldn't have thought of the era if you hadn't mentioned it ... and that's what you want.
    I love your bug ring, too. Humorously insouciant, and pretty cool.


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